Our 2018: LG HVAC Story Yearbook

2018 has been a great year for LG Air Solution and the HVAC industry. As the year comes to an end, we’d like to take a look back at the most interesting products and issues we’ve covered in 2018. Join us on a trip to the past for a year in review!

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On January 22nd to 24th, AHR Expo 2018 (The International Air-Conditioning Heating Refrigeration Exposition), the world’s largest HVAC exhibition opened in Chicago. LG Air Solution was represented at the conference with their Multi V and BMS (Building Management System) MultiSite control solution featured along with a range of IoT devices for connecting with HVAC systems in the home.

LG Targets the North American HVAC Market with HVAC Solutions Specialized for the Region


Deep into winter, we took a look at some of the LG solutions that supply us with heat and hot water to fend off the cold. Highly efficient solutions including the Therma V, heat pumps, Multi V Heat Recovery, the Hydro Kit and GHP were introduced as systems for keeping warm in homes, offices, hotels or shopping centers.

Fight the Cold this Winter with Heating Solutions from LG


For women’s day this year, we celebrated women around the world along with some of the women in HVAC that are making LG Air Solution stronger than ever. This was a great opportunity to discuss the roles of women in the HVAC industry and encourage women to find opportunities in the field.

Women’s Day 2018: Are Women in HVAC the Future of the Industry?


With the continued development of data centers and the immense boom in the volume of data, keeping data centers cool and secure is more important than ever. We explored the challenges of cooling data centers and the solutions that efficiently manage these challenges.

Beating the Heat in a Data Center


One of our specialists from the LG Air Solution marketing team had the opportunity to visit Egypt to learn about the impact LG Air Solution is having in New Cairo. Jae-woong An found that LG VRF solutions were implemented with non-stop high efficiency at Cairo Medical Center to deliver cool, clean and healthy air to those receiving treatment at the center.

The Wind of LG Electronics Air Solution is Rising at Cairo Medical Center in Egypt


While we have been striving to find sustainable solutions for living over the past few decades, a new standard known as Passive House took hold as a concept for hyper-efficient living. We delved into the principles of Passive House and found that though the basics are founded in the housing of many traditional cultures, this new standard of efficiency is effectively being implemented around the world today.

Passive House Is Creating a New Standard for Efficiency


LG Air Solution focuses on HVAC solutions in homes, offices, commercial spaces and even industrial complexes, but we were curious about heating and cooling solutions in other places as well: Transportation. From cars and buses to submarines and airplanes, we explored our many forms of transportation that require heating and cooling.

HVAC on the Move: Land, Air, Sea and Space


Freedom and flexibility in design are what give designers the opportunity to shine and we explored the advantages provided by the LG multi split solutions. Our multi split systems relieve designers from restrictions in space, configurations and budget to deliver the most effective in HVAC system designs.

Designers Dreams Made Reality with LG Multi Split


Sticking with the theme of social influencers, we had the chance to meet up with some interesting HVAC social influencers in Seoul. Luiz Fernando Gaivota and 4 of his associates took the time to visit us from Brazil to learn about the HVAC market in Korea and teach us about what matters most to HVAC customers and technicians in Brazil.

5 Brazilian HVAC Stars Take LG by Storm

In our efforts to not only deliver quality products, but also make sure our products effectively meet our customers’ needs, we host a unique inspection program allowing our customers to take part in our chiller testing process. This process ensures customer satisfaction and makes our chillers the best on the market!

The Test of Honor: Follow us Through our Chiller Inspection Process


The value of environmental conservation is not lost on us at LG and we work with our partners to help them achieve their goals of maximizing the efficiency of their facilities. Amore Pacific, a leading global beauty company, opened their new headquarters in the bustling city of Seoul and LG was able to provide innovative consulting for Amore Pacific and assisted them in obtain LEED certification for their new facility.

LG Electronics Paves the way for Amorepacific LEED Certification


In South Africa, the Jacaranda tree blossom is a symbol of spring throughout the country, but a severe drought in the region has caused the government to ban the panting of the beautiful tree due to the lack of water available. With hopes to reduce the strain on the water supply, Cresta Shopping Mall installed a high-efficiency LG Multi V air-cooled VRF system.

LG Air Solution is Making an Impact in Drought Stricken South Africa


With people spending more and more time indoors, the importance of proper air ventilation has become more prominent. LG ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilation) systems possess the intensive purification methods to remove harmful allergens from the air and create healthy indoor environments in offices, factories, hospitals and schools while reducing energy consumption and costs.

As Healthy as the Air You Breathe: LG Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV)

Thank you for sharing the past year with us at LG Air Solution and we will continue to bring you the latest in the HVAC industry in 2019!

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