High-Rise Buildings and Luxury Apartments Needs Met with Multi V 5

In a luxury residential development, providing a stylish and comfortable environment for residents is imperative. This is, of course, also true for the Escala condominium in Burnaby, B.C., Canada. This 42-story high-rise building located by the waterfront just outside of Vancouver lavish residential spaces with 15,000ft2 of private amenity space that includes exclusive access to an indoor pool and spa, private fitness center, yoga studio, and even a movie theater. To provide the utmost in comfort and luxury, Escala implemented an LG VRF system to not only provide the utmost in comfort and luxury but also to overcome the unique requirements for this project.

The LG VRF system was able to overcome vertical elevation issues for a more efficient solution

HVAC Goes Sky High

The Escala building is the highest building in the metropolitan Vancouver area with air-cooled VFR technology. As real estate is a high commodity in Vancouver, one of the major goals of this project was to maximize usable space in the building with fewer outdoor units on mid-level floors. The Escala building itself stands at over 500ft, which would present a major obstacle for other VRF systems. However, the LG VRF system was able to help Escala to meet this goal with a 360ft vertical elevation distance between outdoor and indoor units. With LG’s solution, the Escala project ultimately required less space for installation and reduced costs with superior performance and high efficiency. The 575V outdoors units also allowed LG to reduce installation and operation costs while eliminating the need for an additional mechanical room.

The Multi V 575V units were able to reduce installation costs and energy consumption

Additionally, the B52 Code issued by the Canadian Standards Association stipulates that the amount of refrigerant in an HVAC system should not exceed 26lbs/1,000ft3. Through comprehensive analysis that encompasses a wide range of factors including building height, operation load and the building structure itself, LG worked with partners to ensure compliance with the B52 Code regulations without compromising performance or efficiency.

The Multi V heat recovery system provides simultaneous heating and cooling at Escala

Comfort for Residents and Peace of Mind for Project Administrators

The Multi V heat recovery system installed at Escala provides comprehensive climate control across all indoor units for simultaneous heating and cooling throughout the entire building. This climate control solution offers the comfort and luxury residents expect from a high-end residential development. But residents aren’t the only ones who benefit from LG’s superior solutions. Escala project administrators also received full support from LG throughout the entire project through onsite consultation, inspections of all equipment and thorough testing before, during and after installation. LG truly demonstrated their commitment to service and performance throughout the project.

Multi V outdoor units make practical use of available rooftop space

For this high-rise luxury residential building, performance, comfort, and convenience were key. LG was able to work closely with local partners to provide the ideal HVAC system in the Multi V solution. This dynamic solution truly brought luxury to the skies in Escala!


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