Remote Learning for LG HVAC Partners

Business practices have evolved according to many factors including technological innovations and specific needs brought on by changing environments. Shifts that occur in how we conduct business are commonly subtle and are implemented slowly but, there are extraordinary points in history that catapult shifts in methodology immediately into the mainstream.

Around the world, we are finding ways to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic with the hopes that things will return to how they were before, but there will certainly be aspects of our lives that will be forever changed. The business world is a facet of life that has been profoundly impacted by the pandemic and we are finding ways to create more effective and efficient work environments. We would like to highlight just a few ways life will be changed in the future as a result.

Working remotely may prove to be more effective and rewarding across many industries

Working Remotely Becomes the Standard

While working remotely has been done for decades now, businesses have always viewed it as an alternative to on-site meetings and in-person interaction. With isolation being imperative in most cases, working remotely looks to become an integral part of how work is done. Developments in broadband infrastructure and an increasing number of resources at our disposal have made working remotely a realistic future in the business world. We are still in the early stages of discovering the most effective applications and the proper etiquette for high volumes of remote meetings, but as working remotely has become the mainstream choice, many of us have integrated this shift into our daily lives. We are shaping the future of business that will certainly become a long-standing practice for the future.

Education Goes Online and On-Demand

With the need for isolation, education has also seen some sudden and drastic changes. Online courses have long been offered by universities around the world, but with the onset of the pandemic, students of all ages have found themselves attending classes through online platforms and learning how to manage their course load on their own. We may see a major shift in the education system as the need for attending class in person is determined to be not as essential as once believed. We will likely experience comprehensive changes in the long-standing methodologies that institutions use to educate.

Webinars provide a useful resource that may replace large-scale conferences and workshops

Webinars Replace Conferences and Training Courses

Training workshops and trade shows are a staple in business for sharing information within companies and industries. However, as social distancing has become a regular necessity, businesses are finding new and more efficient ways to distribute valuable information to customers and partners. Over the years, LG has remained committed to providing partners and customers with the resources to stay competitive in the HVAC market. LG is still maintaining this tradition of providing resources of knowledge even while many aspects of our lives have been put on hold during the COVID-19 pandemic with the launch of the LG Connections Virtual Speaker Series.

The LG Connection Virtual Speaker series will cover an array of topic on the HVAC industry

The LG Connection Virtual Speaker Series is designed to cover a variety of topics and focus on profitable strategies for enhanced building performance, comfort and control while offering participants the opportunity to connect with LG’s team of experts. The first installation launched at the end of May with ‘Why VRF?’ a comprehensive introduction of VRF control capabilities and an in-depth look at the diverse control components that can be incorporated into a VRF system.

The first installment of the LG webinar series covered the effectiveness of VRF control systems

LG Connections webinars will be offered each Wednesday and include a 30-minute presentation followed by 15 minutes of Q&A. LG partners will receive an email inviting them to the webinars that will include a link and password granting them access. In addition to the last topic ‘Why VRF?’, future topics include ‘Maximize Interior Comfort: Combine the Power of VRF and Air Handling Units’ and ‘VRF Performance, Comfort and Control Strategies’, with more to come in the future.

We offer this LG Connections Virtual Speakers Series webinars to continue our dedication to providing our partners with the most relevant information to the industry while offering additional support through the difficult times many of us are experiencing. If you want to know whether LG subsidiary in your region is planning on holding webinars like this, please contact your local LG office for further information. You can also follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for updates on upcoming topics. We hope you stay safe, healthy, and are able to make the most of this resource we will continue to provide into the future.

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