LG Delivers Retrofit Solution for a Supermarket and Shopping Center in South Africa

In a large-scale shopping center like On Nicol Shopping Center in Johannesburg, South Africa, there are many unique environments that require climate control specific to each space. These diverse environments are what made selecting the right HVAC system for the shopping center such a challenge. On Nicol Shopping Center primarily consists of a Pick N Pay supermarket, a liquor store, a pharmacy, a florist, a bakery, a pet store and a restaurant. Administrators at the facility were looking for a dependable HVAC system that could cater to each of these different environments and LG delivered with their Multi V VRF solution.

The LG Multi V 5 VRF system was an ideal solution for this retrofit project

Existing System with Limitations

Previously, the HVAC system at On Nicol Shopping Center consisted of an ice thermal storage and ammonia chiller plant. Unfortunately, this system did not deliver the expected energy efficiency and the complicated system operation resulted in high maintenance costs. The rooftop of the facility was also crowded with many different system components including a cooling tower, ammonia condenser, evaporator, ammonia separator and pumps as well as an independent outdoor unit required for each shop. These issues are what drove On Nicol Shopping Center to install the LG Multi V VRF system for the Pick N Pay supermarket and other spaces throughout the facility.

An LG Inverter Scroll Chiller was implemented to replace the existing ammonia chillers

Simple Solution for Complex Spaces

For larger spaces such as hallway and atriums or the open supermarket space, LG Air Handling Units (AHU) were implemented along with the Multi V 5 solution to provide large volumes of air with precision temperature control. A VRF system can be combined with AHUs to create what is known as an ‘Eco-package’, which delivers a solution that is easier to install and while providing a much larger system capacity. For the restaurant and conference rooms in the facility, old ammonia chillers were replaced with an LG Inverter Scroll Chiller that can be integrated with the existing ducted fan coil units. Along with reducing the overall system footprint, the LG inverter Scroll Chiller is equipped with the same LG Inverter Compressor found in the Multi V to provide higher part-load efficiency. The system is also capable of operating on heat mode to eliminate the need for additional electric or gas boilers.

Dual Sensing functionality detects temperature AND humidity to improve comfort and efficiency

LG Comes Through with Efficiency

The Pick N Pay location at On Nicol Shopping Center is the flagship store for one of South Africa’s largest supermarket chains. This supermarket was designed with a ‘green building concept’ in mind to conserve energy and maximize overall building performance. LG was able to deliver a system that helped Pick N Pay meet their energy goals for this project. Typically, the cooling load of an HVAC system depends not only on temperature but also humidity as well and low-humidity conditions require a lower cooling load even when maintaining a constant temperature. The Multi V 5 solution installed at the On Nicol Shopping Center is equipped with Dual Sensing Smart Load Control, which utilizes sensors in both the indoor and outdoor units to detect temperature and relative humidity levels and controls discharge refrigerant temperature to further improve efficiency.

A wide range of indoor unit configurations fit seamlessly with the diverse interiors

The HVAC Aesthetic

As with any HVAC system, comfort and aesthetic were also important factors to consider when On Nicol Shopping Center selected the LG Multi V system. The LG VRF system allows the facility to provide uninterrupted heating and cooling with indoor units that blend seamlessly into the interior design. The wide range of indoor units available from LG includes concealed, open, 4-way, round and other styles to accentuate the unique look and feel of each shop or space. LG’s new Round Cassette also offers a new level of comfort in the pharmacy with 360 circular airflow that eliminates blind spots and creates a perfectly comfortable environment for patients and staff.

Comprehensive system control was imperative for On Nicol to meet their energy goals

Control in the Customer’s Hands

Comprehensive control and monitoring of their HVAC system were also essential for On Nicol Shopping Center when selecting the right solution for their facility. With the implementation of the LG ACS I/O module, the LG VRF system was able to easily integrate with 3rd party components throughout the site including sensors and ventilation fans. This innovative infrastructure allows for smarter system management with a more effective logic system. Automated processes can optimally manage comfort levels and efficiency by controlling system components based on the ambient environment. For example, when the ambient temperature goes below 19°C, the system will automatically turn off the compressor and implement free cooling with outdoor air intake based on the logic set. Remote monitoring capabilities also ensure system performance and effective management of maintenance with a complete preventive maintenance solution.

Advanced control systems also allow for more efficient process management

The LG Multi V 5 VRF system ultimately proved to be the ideal solution for On Nicol Shopping Center and helped them meet their goals for conserving energy and providing a comfortable environment with comprehensive system control. LG’s reputation for offering optimized HVAC solutions for diverse large-scale facilities continues to grow and On Nicol Shopping Center is the perfect example of how LG delivers with efficiency, comfort and performance.


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