LG R1 Compressors, to the Future and Beyond

Today’s fast-paced business world is requiring companies to actively seek out new opportunities in order to keep up with the competition and gain a stronger foothold in the market. While re-strategizing their approaches to the changing environment, many companies opt to revamp their business models completely. These companies look to reinforce their core products and technology with upgrades and improvements that offer enhanced performance and more robust functionality. The drive to provide new products and services to stay relevant in the marketplace not only helps companies thrive, but also provides mechanisms for growth and development across industries. We had the chance to hear from a Cheol-hwan Kim, a lead researcher at LG, about his take on innovation in the industry and the process of developing one of LG’s newest offerings.

Competition in the HVAC Industry

The HVAC industry is no exception to this fierce competition in the market and LG Electronics, a long standing leader in HVAC solutions, continues to implement innovations to maintain their edge and competitiveness. LG’s own inverter compressor technology has been effective in increasing the capabilities of their products and allows them to deliver more efficient HVAC solutions. Commitment to innovation at LG has not only produced the best in compressor systems, but also pushes the boundaries of the technology. With this commitment, LG developed the game-changing R1 Compressor.

What the Market Needs

As the market has shown increasing demand for smaller and faster compressors, LG has modified their inverter solution with a cutting-edge shaft-through structure and bottom compression technology. The conventional top compression function positions the compression segment on the top of the shaft, which suffers from tilt issues if the motor operates at low velocity when a system runs low-load air conditioning. In order to compensate for this issue, a conventional compressor must apply back pressure to the orbiting scroll (of the compression part) to reduce friction loss.

Eliminating the tilting issue, the new bottom compression and shaft-through structure ensures highly stable operation even during low-load condition and further boosts operating efficiency. Under this structure developed by LG’s time-tested HVAC expertise, LG R1 compressor offers unparalleled performance and lower energy consumption for quality and user satisfaction that top those of its competitors.

The LG R1 Compressor has created a new league of its own with innovative LG capabilities. This LG offering is an invaluable addition to the market for those who demand excellence and superior performance. The undeniable efficiency and convenience of the R1 compressor is what keeps LG in place as one of the best HVAC companies in the world.

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