Comfort and Luxury from LG Multi Split

A single Multi Split outdoor unit is able to operate up to 5 individual indoor units at once

As LG continues to roll out diversified HVAC solutions for commercial and residential applications, the LG Multi Split has found a home in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Alberi Junior and Alessandra Rodriguez recently moved into a luxury home in a village in Rio de Janeiro. They required a comprehensive HVAC system that could not only provide top-notch performance but could also deliver sleek designs and unparalleled comfort. Ultimately, the LG Multi Split was the perfect fit for their new home and left a lasting impression. Let’s look into how the LG Multi Split met all of their needs for this luxury residential application.

Smart sensors boost performance and provide 30% faster cooling capabilities

Relief from the Heat

As you may well know, temperatures in Rio de Janeiro remain quite high throughout the year and life without air conditioning can be stifling. While searching for the right air conditioner for their home, Alberi and Alessandra were introduced to the LG Multi Split and 1-way cassette solutions. Soon, they were enjoying the cool comfort delivered through 3 stylish indoor units from 1 outdoor unit. LG’s advanced inverter technology delivers impressive performance while boasting high-efficiency operation and lower energy costs. Embedded smart sensors that detect temperature and air pressure also allow the system to cool any space 30% faster with more accurate control.

A compact single outdoor unit system allows better use of outdoor space

Beyond Performance and Comfort

While Alberi and Alessandra were thrilled with the performance of the LG Multi Split, they were equally impressed with the added value offered by the system. Since the Multi Split is able to run 5 indoor units from a single compact outdoor unit, they were able to create a more alluring environment in the yard and make better use of space around the house. Also, the wide array of indoor unit designs offered by LG allow them to customize their system to suit the interior of their luxury home with units in their kitchen, living room and bedroom. The 1-way cassette is only 13.2cm thick and conveniently fits into the ceiling installation while the mirrored ArtCool wall unit blends perfectly into the kitchen design.

LG ThinQ connectivity offers anytime, anywhere access to system controls

The outdoor unit operates with low noise emission both inside and outside. A protective coating on the outdoor unit also makes the Multi Split more practical and resistant to corrosion that commonly occurs with humid and salty air by the sea. Furthermore, level sensors prevent water from dripping inside the house and forming mildew. Comprehensive controls and LG ThinQ connectivity make advanced scheduling and system monitoring possible with control capabilities from anywhere, even when Alberi and Alessandra are away from the house.

Making Installation and Maintenance a Breeze

Home owners like Alberi and Alessandra aren’t the only ones who benefit from an innovative solution like the LG Multi Split. Installers and technicians are also taking advantage of this system’s convenience and advanced functionality. The compact and light-weight form factor of the Multi Split makes the outdoor unit easier to install. Installers are also able to streamline the installation process with features like the Wiring Error Check function that provides notification if indoor unit wiring is not properly in place. LG MV allows technicians to connect to the outdoor unit and conveniently diagnose issues with the system, utilizing data prepared in intuitive and easy to read charts. LG MV also provides error status codes to which system administrators can refer and quickly diagnose problems with the system. The outdoor unit is also easily accessible, which makes maintenance and repairs much more convenient.

Delivering performance and efficiency is what LG HVAC systems do best, and adding premium value for luxury installations what sets our solutions apart. Alberi and Alessandra are enjoying the benefits of the LG Multi Split both inside and outside their home!


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