Bringing New Value to Any Application: Residential Solutions (Part 1)

LG HVAC solutions not only offer unparalleled performance and efficiency to customers but also add value to customer homes and buildings of all types. In this series, we’ll be exploring the advantages customers are experiencing with LG HVAC solutions and how these advantages are translating into customers getting more out of their homes and facilities. LG is providing a diverse range of solutions for applications in residential, office, hospitality, medical, large commercial and retail spaces. From individual homes to large-scale industrial complexes, LG solutions are delivering where it counts and offering customers value they haven’t experienced before. Let’s start by looking at the advantages of LG residential HVAC solutions.

LG compressor technology raises the bar for HVAC performance

Reducing Energy Consumption and Costs

Any reasonable homeowner is always interested in reducing energy costs in their house. LG solutions work smarter to help reduce energy consumption and, ultimately, lower overall operation expenses. LG’s own Dual Inverter Compressor utilized varied speed compression so that units only use the amount of energy required to reach the set temperature. The innovative R1 Compressor offers the next stage in the variable-speed compressor with high-speed operation that delivers high performance with lower energy consumption. Additionally, features like Smart Load Control reduce costs by saving energy with smart management of refrigerant temperatures depending on ambient outdoor temperatures. Energy can also be reutilized with solutions like the LG ERV with a heat exchanger that taps into heat used during the heating and cooling process and the Hydro Kit that harnesses waste heat for hot water supply.

LG systems effectively provide efficient cooling, heating and hot water

Smart Load Control uses energy more efficiently under mild weather conditions

Elevated Comfort at Home

The key function of an HVAC system is comfort and LG offers a new level of comfort. Features such as Dual Sensing Control measure both temperature and humidity to deliver comfort faster and more accurately. LG systems also go beyond mere comfort and help provide healthier environments in the home as well. Air purification through advanced filters, plasma ionizer technology, and automatic cleaning functionality improve air quality for the well being of occupants. Dependability also goes a long way in ensuring comfort and solutions like the Therma V utilize 75% natural energy for more reliable heating and hot water supply. The coupling of LG solutions with energy storage capabilities also adds to the dependability of a system in the home.

LG ThinQ connectivity puts control of your HVAC system right in your hand

Built-in Convenience

LG solutions also offer users streamlined control and advanced functionality for an added level of convenience. Connectivity with LG ThinQ allows users to monitor, control and troubleshoot their HVAC systems right from their mobile device. This means they can access their system anytime, anywhere. Smarter functionality makes system operation more convenient as well. The Human Detection function can detect when a space is occupied for a fully automated operation that also saves money. Low Noise Mode operation is also available to lower sound emission for times designated by the user. Compatibility is another feature of the LG HVAC system that allows connectivity with 3rd party thermostats to provide uninterrupted system control in a wide range of system configurations. In addition, real-time power usage monitoring can be done across large-scale residential complexes with the LG Power Distribution Indicator from a central location.



Our diverse customers require diverse solutions and our full line of HVAC systems is meeting their needs across a wide range of applications. The LG Multi V S, Single Split and Multi Split are providing ideal for single-family homes. In residential complexes such as large-scale apartment buildings, solutions such as the LG Multi V 5 offer powerful performance with a smaller footprint and amazing energy efficiency. The LG Therma V can provide efficient and dependable heating in both single-family homes and housing complexes. The LG ERV and Hydro Kit solutions also offer advanced energy savings, system control and compatibility in commercial housing and can be integrated with legacy systems.


Service You Can Rely On*

LG goes beyond simply offering the right solutions. We ensure that your system is implemented properly and maintains its performance with well-trained experts and a wealth of resources. Our comprehensive preventive maintenance system will also save time and money when service is required. Support solutions such as BECON Cloud also allows our experts to offer monitoring and analysis remotely at any time.

*LG HVAC service varies according to your country. Contact your local LG representative office for further information about the service.

LG is ensuring all customer needs are met with advantages and upgrades our customers have come to rely on. But LG HVAC solutions go far beyond heating and cooling homes. Keep an eye out for the next installment of this series to discover more applications where LG is adding value.

*Products and solutions may vary according to country and operating conditions. Please click the 'INQUIRY TO BUY' banner below to contact your local LG office for further information on solutions and products.


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