Multi V 5 Delivers a Luxury Solution for Turkey’s Finest Resort

At a high-end 5-star resort, facility administrators have many factors to consider bringing guests the environment of luxury they expect. With this in mind, Voyage Belek in Turkey was searching for a top of the line HVAC system that could ensure unparalleled comfort for guests while providing reliability, flexibility and efficiency for their remodeling project. The luxury resort decided to work with LG as a partner based on LG’s reputation for delivering dependable large-scale HVAC solutions at various facilities around the world. Voyage Belek required an efficient solution that would present their guests with a fantastic holiday experience and LG delivered.

Providing heating and cooling for a wide variety of spaces was a challenge at Voyage Belek

Challenges on the Path to Luxury

Voyage Belek had some unique requirements that needed innovative solutions. With a wide range of diverse spaces, including over 550 guest rooms, lobbies, restaurants, conference centers, spas and an indoor pool, the hotel required a centralized control system that allows for precise climate management.

The Multi V heat recovery system allows Voyage Belek to heat and cool simultaneously

Heat Recovery 

The LG Multi V 5 heat recovery system allows the hotel to simultaneously heat and cool across all the spaces on site. The heat recovery system also significantly conserves energy and reduces costs both on the initial installation and during operation over time. This technology draws hot or cool air from spaces where it is not needed and transfers it to locations where it is required.

LG provided a comprehensive centralized control system for full control and automation


The LG AC Smart solution also provides a user-friendly interface and convenient control of over 128 indoor units at a time. This centralized control system can be operated across various platforms such as PCs, smartphones and tablets.


The Antalya region in Turkey, where Voyage Belek is located, has distinct seasons ranging from hot and dry summers to cool and rainy winters. With its innovative technology, LG MULTI V 5 effectively sensing both temperature and humidity of outdoor and indoor environments delivers optimized energy efficiency, especially in the dry summer. This also provides a comfortable environment without over-cooling or dehumidification. A stylish aesthetic was also crucial to Voyage Belek to suit the luxurious atmosphere they provide to their guests. LG installed a ducted system with the Multi V 5 in guest rooms to not interfere with the room interiors while keeping guests comfortable.

Solutions such as LG LATS HVAC allow for quicker and more accurate designs

Service and Beyond

Beyond delivering an efficient, high-performance and user-friendly HVAC solution to this 5-star facility, LG also presented a partnership that promised full-scale support in all stages of the project. Since the installation at Voyage Belek was a remodeling project, fast and accurate actions were necessary at each phase, from planning and design to product delivery and implementation. The LG LATS HVAC program was utilized for quick and precise 2D design and LG was able to reduce the number of outdoor units required and limit installation time thanks to the large 26hp capacity of the Multi V 5. Since summers in Antalya can be very hot with temperatures over 35°C, a quick and reliable backup system was also required in case of emergencies. LG’s robust and reliable service network allows them to provide Voyage Belek with guaranteed service for any issues or system malfunctions within 2-3 hours. This is the level of full-scale service that makes LG an ideal HVAC solution partner for facilities like Voyage Belek.

Powerful 26hp units made easier and less costly installation process possible

Just as Voyage Belek strives to provide excellent services and comfortable environments for their guests, LG remains committed to delivering the most advanced and innovative solutions backed up by their comprehensive service and support network. As always, the partnership with LG brought innovation and motivation to the Voyage Belek project.


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