The Power of LG Solutions at Korea Energy Show 2019


Korea Energy Show 2019, the largest energy-related show in Korea, is where the future of Korea’s energy industry is unveiled. This year’s event was held from September 3rd to 6th at the Korea International Exhibition and Convention Center (KINTEX) in Ilsan, South Korea.

The Korea Energy Show 2019 was held at KINTEX in Ilsan, Korea

Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and the Korea Energy Agency hosted the Korea Energy Korea’s longest-running energy exhibition which opened for the 39th time this year. Under the main theme of ‘The First Step to a Better Future, Innovation of Energy Efficiency’, the Korea Energy Show had 15 exhibition halls, 49 seminars, various forums and educational events, and 14 experience programs with around 307 companies and 11,000 booths participating, including electronics giant LG.

The main overhead hanging structure at the LG booth was made from eco-conscious translucent material

One of the features that deserves highlighting at the LG booth was the main overhead hanging structure shrouded in white transparent fabric. Wooden booths in exhibitions are often pointed out as culprits that create a high carbon footprint. As a result, main banners using translucent fabrics are often spotted at European exhibitions and it’s setting a new trend. LG Electronics also installed a main banner made of translucent fabric to reduce the lumber waste that is generated from booth construction at exhibitions and to minimize the impact on the environment. LG’s main banner was not only environmentally friendly, but it was also aesthetically pleasing with a stylish look utilizing LED lights to highlight its design.

A wide range of products such as LG’s flagship HVAC system, the Multi V 5

For this year’s Korea Energy Show, LG employed the theme “Total Energy Solution” to better present products for generating, storing, using and maintaining energy. In the field of power production, LG exhibited their powerful solutions such as the powerful and efficient NeON R solar module, the NeON 2 BiFacial solar module that absorbs solar energy from both sides along with their Power Conversion System (PCS) for ESS and Power Management System (PMS). LG has improved the safety of their ESS applications in accordance with policies form the Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy.

Commercial applications such as the AI Dual Vane indoor unit on display at the LG Booth

LG also exhibited industrial, commercial and residential HVAC solutions in their flagship Multi V 5 along with their efficient and eco-friendly Therma V Monobloc heating and hot water solution and large-scale chiller applications. The AI equipped Dual Vane indoor unit with top rated efficiency was also no display to demonstrate commercial applications for 6 different types of spaces. This unit is provides precise airflow control with an advanced dual vane system installed. LG developed this unique system for the ceiling mounted indoor unit to offer improved airflow with an additional 4 air control vanes. These additional vanes can block direct airflow and guide warm or cool air as far as 5 meters to better match the set temperature throughout an entire space without uncomfortably blowing air directly at occupants in the room.

For industrial spaces, LG exhibited information on their oil-free chillers compressors that implement air bearing and magnetic bearing technology in place of oil lubrication. These applications can reduce energy consumption costs as much as 27% over previous inverter compressor models. Oil-free chillers require no oil lubrication components and their structure makes maintenance and repair much more convenient than previous centrifugal chillers.

For residential applications, products such as the LG Whisen ThinQ floor standing type air conditioner with intuitive AI applications and the PuriCare 360° air purifier that draws in air from all direction to provide fresh and healthy air were on display at the LG booth.

The LG booth featured a representation of the power and communications flow of
their products including the BECON solution

Another highlight of the LG booth at the Korea Energy show was the LG BECON solution for total building energy management. BECON is a total solution that can integrate with a BMS of a building for control and monitoring of all energy systems including lighting and HVAC systems. The BECON system also allows for analysis of energy consumption in a facility for more complete and efficient building energy management.

VIP guests were able to tour the booth and learn more about LG solutions

VIP guests were also present at the LG booth from Algeria. These guests were given an exclusive tour of the LG booth and given the opportunity to learn more about the LG solutions that are pushing the boundaries in the HVAC and energy industries.

After the tour, Abdelkrim Doulache from Sarl Doulatec said, “The product that impressed us is Multi V 5, with its performance, high efficiency, high capacity, and the dual-sensing of both temperature and humidity at the same time.”

LG made a big impression with their powerful and eco-conscious solutions while even doing their part to reduce the carbon footprint of their booth. This year’s Korea Energy Show was a great success and a hit for LG. If you get the opportunity, be sure to check out the lineup of LG energy solutions at and energy show near you.

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