Multi Split Offers Multiple Options From LG

Whether in your home or business, selecting the right HVAC system goes beyond just comfort. The LG Multi Split is a versatile solution that will certainly allow you to effectively manage climate control in any space. This revolutionary system delivers the functionality, flexibility and performance that can transform your home or office. An even more compact form factor delivers the same comfort you expect from LG while opening up a world of new possibilities.

Putting the ‘Multi’ in Multi Split

The LG Multi Split can provide cooling to as many as 5 indoor units from a single outdoor unit. Operating multiple indoor units allows individual monitoring and control of units in multiple rooms. Every building has its own unique structure and needs and the Multi Split can meet the needs of multiple spaces simultaneously. With the addition of a Distribution (DB) Box, a single outdoor unit can support up to 9 indoor units.

A more compact unit makes installation and use of space more flexible

Full-on Flexibility

Flexibility in an HVAC system goes a long way. With the ability to connect to up to 5 indoor units, the Multi Split gives system designers the freedom and flexibility. LG offers a wide range of indoor units that are stylish and space-saving, so they don’t detract from the interior of a home or office. Whether you need wall-mounted indoor units, units installed in the ceiling, or even a ducted solution, LG indoor unit designs can fit perfectly with any building. The compact outdoor unit is 546mm smaller from top to bottom and 23% lighter, which makes the installation process much easier and more flexible as well. The smaller form factor unit also frees up space outdoors and doesn’t clutter your yard or the premises of an office.

The unique R1 Compressor shaft-through design boosts efficiency and durability

Performance Maketh HVAC

When we talk about LG HVAC performance, our R1 compressors come first. The R1 compressor bottom compression, the shaft-through design ensures highly stable operation even during low-load conditions and further boosts operating efficiency. This structure improves the durability of the compressor itself while, in addition, the enhanced Black Fin corrosion-resistant coating lengthens the life of the Multi Split. High SEER and SCOP class ratings from the Multi Split demonstrate its outstanding performance thanks to the R1 compressor. Advanced peak current control also reduces energy consumption and operation costs. Along with this high-efficiency performance comes advanced temperature and humidity sensor technology that reduces cooling times by 33% and heating times by 45%. Embedded PM1.0 sensors also ensure improved air purification for a more healthy and more comfortable environment.

Multi Split smart connectivity enhances convenience and performance

Convenient connectivity provided by the Multi Split system brings comfort and performance to another level. While connected via Wi-Fi to LG ThinQ, users can control and monitor their system from anywhere at any time. You can conveniently access the app on your mobile device to stay on top of system performance and operation. In addition, LGMV (Monitoring View) connectivity makes it possible for installers or service engineers to monitor and diagnose any issues with the system with cycle monitoring and smart troubleshooting available all within the app.

To make the most of your home or workspace, the right HVAC system makes all the difference. The LG Multi Split brings the comfort, flexibility and efficiency to revolutionize your space all in a uniquely compact unit. The versatility and performance of the Multi Split make it the perfect fit for a wide range of environments.


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