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HVAC: The Industry that Keeps on Booming

With uncertainty looming in markets and industries around the world, the HVAC industry continues to grow and…

Cooling Technology Heats Up the League on Ice

With hockey season in full swing, fans will be swarming to hockey arenas around the world to…

LG HVAC strengthens its brand recognition with a launch in Azerbaijan

LG expands brand recognition of its flagship Multi V 5 VRF and Magnetic Bearing Chiller system with…

Around the World in Heating Days

As winter creeps upon us and temperatures begin to drop, staying warm becomes a top priority. Methods…

LG Oil-Free Chillers Give Businesses the Power to Stay Ahead

As industries look to make their offerings faster and more accurate, many companies struggle to accomplish both….

Chiller or VRF: A Choice without Compromise

For a building owner or administrator, selecting the best equipment for their facility is not an easy…

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