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LG HVAC Global Service Offering at the Heart of Performance

The key to the effective implementation of any system goes beyond the components of the system themselves…

Bringing New Value to Any Application: Hospital Solutions (Part 3) COVID-19 Highlights Importance of HVAC in Healthcare

Each type of building or commercial facility has its own set of requirements for comfort and energy…

Caring for Your Car AC for a Cool Ride

In the heat of summer, driving around without air conditioning can be nothing short of a nightmare….

Bringing New Value to Any Application: Office Solutions (Part 2)

For workers in an office, the key factors considered when evaluating an HVAC system are comfort and…

Back Around Again: LG Round Cassette Engineer and Designer Interview

What goes into the creation of such an innovative product? We had the opportunity to talk with…

6 Tips to Stay Cool and Conscious During COVID-19

With summer arriving, most of us are beginning to start up our air conditioners to beat the…

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