Bringing New Value to Any Application: Hospital Solutions (Part 3) COVID-19 Highlights Importance of HVAC in Healthcare

Each type of building or commercial facility has its own set of requirements for comfort and energy consumption. However, healthcare facilities present a particularly unique set of requirements for the installation of HVAC systems. Not only must hospital administrators consider how to keep patients and staff comfortable, but they must also take into account maintaining safe and hygienic conditions across a wide range of environments. Protecting patients and staff in hospitals has become an even greater concern since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Simultaneous climate and airflow control is crucial to preserving the health and safety of patients and healthcare workers alike. But how can an HVAC system manage all of the unique needs of a hospital while mitigating the additional risks brought on by a global pandemic? LG HVAC is providing the innovation and resources every healthcare facility needs to keep patients and staff comfortable and safe through comprehensive climate and airflow management and control.

Advanced design solutions improve comfort, increase efficiency and create healthier environments

Design at the Core of Hospital HVAC Systems

Just like in any commercial facility, the HVAC system in a hospital has basic requirements such as energy efficiency and aesthetic qualities. But a hospital presents additional needs including hygiene, sanitation, therapeutic environments and health risk management. These additional requirements can be collectively considered as healthcare needs when it comes to HVAC systems and designs. Not only do these healthcare needs make for more complicated design processes, but they also increase initial investments and maintenance costs while making overall system efficiency and added challenge. When designing an HVAC system with healthcare needs that must be met in a hospital, administrators and developers must examine designs for thorough air purification and ventilation. Beyond these factors, reliable 24-hour operation and comprehensive airflow control for the prevention of air contamination between areas within the facility must also be taken into consideration.

The LG DX ERV solution with MERV13 grade filtration supplies fresh air across large space

Implementing Air Purification and Ventilation

If you’ve been following our blog, you’re well aware of the innovations in climate control and comfort provided by LG HVAC systems. But our LG solutions are designed specifically to meet the unique requirement of each of our customers. This also goes for healthcare facilities. LG indoor units are embedded with 4-phase filtration air purification to ensure comfort and healthy environments. The external air purification panel contains PM1.0 sensor and smart indicator as well as a pre-filter for elimination of larger fine dust particles. The internal air purification kit is composed of a dust electrification filter bed, a PM1.0 filter and deodorizing filter. These components are also easy to clean and maintain and air quality in each space can be monitored remotely. LG Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) systems not only provide rapid ventilation throughout a facility, but they also reduce energy consumption through heat recovery and provide additional air filtration. The LG DX ERV solution has a ventilation range of 500-1,000CMH and MERV13 grade filtration, which filter at least 90% of PM2.5 from the air, to ensure fresh air supply across large spaces and facilities with complex structures. In addition, embedded CO2 detection and monitoring with automatic fan speed control provides further assistance in providing healthy air quality and safe environments.

Airflow control is key in maintaining proper air pressure and maintaining healthy environments

Reliable Operation, Comprehensive Airflow Control

HVAC system malfunction or breakdown can lead to a disaster in a healthcare facility. Dependable 24-hour operation is a must in a hospital. Implementation of LG LATS REVIT 3D HVAC design solution allows system designers to precision design systems and ensure system reliability in conjunction with application such as LG LATS HVAC. Designers can also avoid conflicts in BIM systems within facilities and the system can also automatically check system errors and proactively address faults in system operation. Backup operation is a key element of a reliable system. The LG multi V 5 VRF supports backup compressor operation for emergencies and indoor unit configuration allows units to maintain operation even when one unit is inoperable. Inverter scroll chiller solutions also offer integrated backup operation for maintenance or system emergencies. Proper system design and support from LG make reliable operation possible with efficient and cost saving solutions.


When it comes to airflow control, maintaining positive and negative air pressure appropriately across facilities is crucial in preventing the spread of contagious diseases and providing hygienic environments in specialized areas such as ICUs and operating rooms. LG AHU systems implemented with LG ERV systems not only control temperature and humidity while providing HEPA grade filtration, they also maintain precise airflow control. Positive and negative air pressures can be maintained to meet the requirements of rigorous regulations. Contaminated air is also eliminated from sensitive areas through powerful exhaust capabilities. LG CFD analysis makes comprehensive airflow control easier, cost efficient and more effective through a facility.

Comprehensive system control allows for management of complex hospital HVAC systems

Centralized Control Across Campus

Flexible and comprehensive system control and monitoring are essential to the effective and efficient operation of an HVAC system. A system that can manage the complex and diverse requirements presented in a healthcare facility is only made possible through competent and adequate system control. LG offers a diverse set of scalable control solutions. Applications such as the LG AC Manager allow for precision control of each element of an HVAC system and can integrate with facility’s BMS for convenient and efficient operation. Full LG control system integration allows administrators to perform detailed operation scheduling, efficiently manage energy consumption and monitor system performance with comprehensive reporting.


As LG continues to provide innovative solutions for customers with unique requirements around the world, they maintain their commitment to providing ideal environments in healthcare facilities. In modern history, providing these products and services has never been more important than during the current covid-19 pandemic. LG solutions are revolutionizing how we look at comfort, healthy environments, cost effectiveness and energy efficiency in healthcare facilities.

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