Bringing New Value to Any Application: Office Solutions (Part 2)

For workers in an office, the key factors considered when evaluating an HVAC system are comfort and convenience. However, for building owners and contractors, the metrics for deciding which HVAC system is the right choice for office applications are much more complex. Building owners must consider factors such as system efficiency, comprehensive control and effective use of space as they keep user comfort in mind. On the other hand, contractors look for features related to installation and system upkeep, including ease of installation, reducing installation costs and convenient maintenance capabilities. But are there HVAC systems that can meet all of these needs? LG HVAC solutions are meeting the needs of building owners and contractors alike while keeping office workers comfortable and providing innovative designs. Let’s delve into the benefits LG HVAC systems deliver for office applications.

Advanced control systems reduce simplify make installation easier

It Starts with Installation

Any contractor or HVAC installer will agree that saving time and money on reliable installation jobs makes all the difference. The new LG Multi V solution features 23% more compact and 15% more light-weight outdoor units that reduce installation costs while making the installation process even easier with fewer required overall units. More compact equipment also translates to a reduced overall system footprint for more efficient use of space. Contractors can also provide clients with more power from these compact units, which will certainly be appreciated from building owners and administrators. LG Central Control systems can also reduce the number of controllers required for simpler system installation configurations while reducing overall installation costs. With these control applications, LG AC Manager can be combined with various combinations of AC Smart and ACP controllers to conveniently manage up to 8,192 units from one place.

Intuitive designs like the on-way piping in the LG Round Cassette make life easier for installers


More compact and intuitively designed indoor units also reduce stress for installers and make installation and maintenance much more convenient. Innovative units such as the LG Round Cassette include features including one-way piping that bundles the condensate drainage piping and refrigerant supply piping together. This configuration allows installers easier access to key components and reduces installation time. When it comes to maintenance, LG provides solutions such as the CAC portal and LG MV to make monitoring, maintenance and service faster, easier and more accurate than ever. In addition, advanced engineering and design tools such LATS CAD and LATS Energy streamline designs with robust energy modeling capabilities that also manage efficient air distribution and noise level emissions.


Healthy air circulation with LG ERV solutions promotes productivity in office workers

Better Air Quality with Better Performance from LG ERV

The air quality in an office can be significantly poorer than the air outside, making exposure to pollutants in the air much higher. Prolonged exposure to poor quality air with harmful pollutants is detrimental to the productivity of office workers and causes fatigue. While opening windows can help ventilate a space, this also lets in outdoor pollutants and the weather on extremely hot or cold days makes opening windows for ventilation impossible. LG ERV solutions allow you to provide comfortable and healthy indoor environments while reducing energy consumption and costs for heating and cooling. These heat recovery systems not only save money, but also help keep office workers healthier and more productive.

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LG HVAC solutions can be instrumental in attaining LLED certification for building owners

The Best of Both Worlds for Tenants and Owners

When companies are considering an office location, they want to provide their employees with pleasant and comfortable environments to increase productivity and motivation. If an office building owner can ensure that the office environments in their facility are comfortable and healthy for business employees, they automatically improve the value of their property. Businesses are also always looking for ways to reduce costs without having to sacrifice on the quality of performance. LG solutions such as the Multi V 5 allow building owners to provide tenants with uncompromised efficiency and reduced energy costs through LG’s own inverter technology. Owners can then pass these savings on to their tenants while still increasing overall revenue. Convenient operation of an HVAC system in an office is also a must-have. LG’s comprehensive smart control systems such as the Standard III offer intuitive interfaces that allow for simultaneous control across various spaces with easy energy management. Operation scheduling can also be managed with LG smart control systems to save costs and provide comfortable environments throughout the day all year long. These combined innovations provided by LG HAV solutions are able to assist in achieving LEED certifications for building owners as well.


LG HVAC solutions provides the perfect mix of performance and aesthetic for any office

Performance and Aesthetic Together

While building owners and contractors appreciate the energy efficiency and convenience of LG HVAC systems, they also look to the interior and outdoor aesthetic offered by these solutions. The more compact and sleek designs of the indoor units from LG are not only suitable for any interior design, but also afford unprecedented flexibility to system designers. Features such as embedded air purification and ventilation not only supply clean and healthy air to building occupants, but also eliminate the need for additional air purification devices. LG’s unique 4-phase air filtration is able to filtrate 99% of ultra fine dust (50nm, 100nm) all within aesthetically pleasing, streamlined designs. The installation flexibility afforded by the Multi V 5 outdoor units also makes for more effective and pleasing use of space outside of the buildings where they are installed.

Beyond simple comfort, LG HVAC solutions are making offices more efficient, more productive and more enjoyable places to work. As building owners and administrators or consultants and installers seek out the most beneficial HVAC systems to meet their needs, LG HVAC systems are hitting the mark across a wide range of office facilities.

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