As Healthy as the Air You Breathe: LG Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV)

As you might have guessed, recent studies show that many of us are spending the majority of our time indoors. Thus, the air quality in any residential or commercial building should be a top priority for every home owner or building administrator, but this crucial factor often goes overlooked. A healthy home and work environment is important to be sure, but there are other environments where the air quality is imperative to the health and safety of the occupants. Places such as offices, manufacturing plants, hospitals and schools have unique circumstances where effective air ventilation is vital to the well-being and care of the occupants. With this in mind, LG offers a highly efficient and effective ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilation) solution that can go the extra mile to create safe, clean and healthy environments in any facility.

Air at the Office

Are you aware that pollution concentration in places such as office buildings can be 50% higher than outdoors? In newer buildings with improved envelope quality, air has even fewer opportunities to dissipate than before. Indoor airborne pollutants generated through daily office operations can become trapped inside the building and build-up over time. Long exposure to these pollutants can cause lack of concentration, fatigue, lower productivity levels and even more serious conditions such as asthma, allergies or even stroke. Many office workers open a window windows to ventilate the office but this can allow other toxins and allergens into the building as well. Proper ventilation in the office creates an environment conducive to health, well-being and productivity.

Air in the Factory

Harmful pollutants in factories can be greatly reduced with proper ventilation

Manufacturing processes can produce dust, fumes and chemicals that become a safety hazard when they become airborne. Thorough ventilation is crucial in manufacturing plants to ensure the safety of workers and visitors to the site. With properly ventilated air, harmful pollutants emitting during the manufacturing process can be removed from the environment, which not only improves the environment for workers but also improves the durability and longevity of equipment in the plant. To further enhance the safety of the work environment, CO2 levels are kept in check while excess heat from machinery can be removed from the work space. Clean air ventilation is the key to a safe and efficient manufacturing environment.

Air in the Hospital

Clean air supply in hospitals is crucial to the health of patients and doctors alike

Clean air and pleasant temperatures do more than just keep patients comfortable. The air in hospitals is often laden with fungi, bacteria and viruses caused and distributed by poor ventilation and overheating. Effective ventilation is vital to the health and safety of patients, doctors and hospital staff alike. Continuous ventilation and supply of clean air in hospitals is crucial for fighting infection and the spread of disease. Ventilation is particularly important for effective sanitization in operating rooms and emergency care centers where patients are particularly susceptible to infection from airborne contaminants. Clean air supply is equally important for more sensitive individuals such as newborns and the elderly. Providing well-ventilated air throughout a hospital is an integral part of thorough healthcare.

Air in the Classroom

Poor ventilation in schools can negatively impact student performance

Children are particularly sensitive to allergens in the air and studies show that clean and well-ventilated air can improve the performance of students by maintaining their alertness, concentration and health. Teachers and other staff also benefit from properly ventilated air. In a poorly ventilated environment, the attendance, comfort and academic performance of students and teachers alike can be negatively impacted. However, the operation of the school itself can also suffer. The efficiency and performance of facilities are inhibited due to build up from unclean air. The relationship between parents and school administration can also be strained as a result of poor performance of the students and school facilities. Furthermore, allergens and pollutants in the air can contribute to health issues such as headache, fatigue, coughing and congestion. All of these factors make supplying a steady flow of clean and adequately ventilated air in schools imperative to the performance of students and the proper operation of schools.

Automated seasonal mode ensures comfortable temperatures, clean air and efficiency

LG ERV Systems Make any Environment a Healthy Environment

LG ERV systems are efficient and effective air ventilation solutions that provide fresh air to any environment. The 3-step purification system removes harmful allergens from the air. Filters on the front and back end of the heat exchanger ensure that the air moving in and out of the heat exchanger is thoroughly filtered. Antivirus coating on the heat exchanger keeps the components free from viruses and bacteria while additional high-efficiency filters (F7) block 80-90% of micro dust as small as 0.4μm. This intensive purification system is the core of LG ERV solutions.


LG ERV provides extensive air filtration through 3-step purification system


Along with this intensive purification system, LG ERV solutions also offer comprehensive savings over traditional ventilation. Innovative application modes allow LG ERV systems to generate 39% savings over natural ventilation with seasonal operation that detects outdoor temperatures to automatically adjust operation modes. Free cooling at night reduces cooling loads while delayed operation functionality minimizes excessive running of the system. Even more, CO2 sensors are implemented to detect CO2 levels and automatically adjust fan speeds. These ERV solutions also provide a level of convenience by working in conjunction with HVAC systems while still allowing for independent control. And speaking of control, the intuitive LG controller provides convenient and comprehensive management and configuration of the system. The compact and easy to maintenance LG ERV solution is ready to keep any environment thoroughly ventilated, safe and clean.


From our homes and offices to our schools and hospitals, LG ERV solutions are keeping the spaces we occupy each day healthy, clean and comfortable. Clean air through proper ventilation impacts our day-to-day lives and providing quality air is a must for any facility. LG ERV systems deliver effective ventilation in any facility while saving energy and reducing costs.

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