Vladivostok: Where Air Conditioning Is Cool, and Heating Is Hot

Located in the far east of Russia, Vladivostok is a charming city that serves as one of the most important ports and transport hubs in Russia. The city is also host to one of the largest commercial shopping and exhibition complexes in the Russian Far East. Kalina Mall is a 102,000 square meter facility offering a wide range of spaces and environments for shoppers and tenant merchants. Large shopping facilities can present many challenges when implementing an HVAC system, but LG’s experience has allowed them to provide Kalina Mall with the perfect solution to meet their business and climate needs.

The LG system at makes efficient climate control in a wide variety of spaces possible

The Advantage of Diversity

LG partnered with Aksios Engineering in Vladivostok to thoroughly assess the heating and cooling requirements of Kalina Mall and design a comprehensive system that would suit each of the unique spaces in the facility. With the bitter-cold winters and warm summers in Vladivostok, Kalina Mall posed the need for even more extensive solutions to cover the broad range in temperature throughout the year. LG Inverter Compressors are able to handle extreme climates and provide stable heating operation at temperatures as low as -25°C.

LG’s Multi V system can provide not only cooling but also heating

The LG Multi V was perfectly suited to provide climate control for the major shops within the shopping center while LG Inverter Scroll Chillers were implemented to handle both the smaller tenant shops and larger spaces such as atriums. The wide range of indoor unit configurations with cassettes and ducted units also provided tenant merchants with options so they could choose the right unit for their space without interfering with the interior.

LG Inverter Scroll Chillers are installed together with the Multi V units

Modular design allows the Inverter Scroll Chiller system to be expended when required

While chiller systems typically require large amounts of space for installation and engineering rooms, the streamlined LG Inverter Scroll Chillers were able to be installed on the rooftop along with the Multi V units. This made installation much easier and greatly reduced the footprint of the overall system. Also, these chillers have a unique modular design so that the system can be expanding in the future when needed.

Central control makes the LG HVAC system more effective and convenient

An Efficient Solution and Effective Partner

The wide operation range of the Multi V system allows for high part load efficiency and target temperature can be reached quickly and effectively. In addition, LG Inverter Scroll Chillers are implemented with inverter compressors adapted from the Multi V to lower power demand and energy costs. LG AHUs applied with the Inverter Scroll Chillers also made it possible to manage large volumes of air with precision for complete climate control in open spaces with the AHU EEV Kit. A central control solution further improved efficiency and comfort while making complete system management even more convenient.

LG provides complete technical and service support to ensure dependable system operation

But LG did more than provide solutions for Kalina Mall. They worked closely with facility administrators and Aksios Engineering from the analysis and design stages all the way through system implementation and operation. LG also provides training and information resources through the LG Air conditioning Academy and offers comprehensive on-site support for troubleshooting and maintenance. This makes it possible to address and resolve nearly any issue with the system within 48 hours.


LG proved to be an innovative and dedicated partner for Kalina Mall to provide an optimal environment for shoppers and tenants while reducing energy consumption and costs. With both an advanced VRF solution in the Multi V and a flexible chiller solution in their Inverter Scroll Chillers, LG provided the total HVAC solution for this impressive shopping and exhibition complex.


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