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The key to the effective implementation of any system goes beyond the components of the system themselves and hinge on comprehensive maintenance and management services. LG prides itself on delivering not only some of the most innovative HVAC solutions on the market, but also in providing customers with full-scale service solutions, including implementation of LG Total Management System (TMS). LG HVAC service packages include everything from regular inspection and cleaning to remote system analysis and energy management solutions. With one-time service options and routine service offerings that include the popular Basic Package selections, LG has each customer covered with service customized to their needs.

Scalable service packages help customers find the perfect fit for maintenance

Service to Scale

Each customer and each system requires different types and different levels of service. In order to thoroughly provide service coverage to each customer, LG offers 8 services that cater to each element of its HVAC solutions. These 8 services can be categorized in to one-time service and routine service offerings. The one-time service options include complete overhaul of Multi V VRF systems, implementation of air purification kits on legacy LG systems and external panel replacement for LG indoor units. When it comes to routine service, LG offers services that include inspection, cleaning, part replacement, energy management and BECON cloud TMS. For customers that require regular maintenance across installations, LG offers packages for routine service according to customer requirements and budgets. The Basic Package option 2 is most popular with customers and includes inspection, cleaning and part replacement.

B2 is the most popular service offering inspection, cleaning and part replacement.

The Basics of Basic Packages

The Basic Packages are offered in 3 tiers with each level having the option to add LG TMS to the services provided. But what makes Basic Package 2 the most prevalent choice for customers? This mid-tier service option gives comprehensive coverage while allowing customers to manage their budgets. With inspection, cleaning and part replacement included, customers can rest assured their HVAC system will perform at its best and maintain a longer product lifespan.

Diagnosis of systems and maintenance recommendations can be provided with system inspection

System inspection is implemented with visual, instrument and LG MV inspection from an LG certified engineer. Through the inspection process, LG engineers can ensure that all elements of a system are functioning to standards and that all components are operating properly.

Thorough system cleaning is one of many elements in proper system maintenance

LG system cleaning entails cleaning of the outside of units as well as through cleaning of filters, drains, fans and heat exchangers. This cleaning process is essential to maintaining system performance and reducing operating and maintenance costs in the future.

Original replacement parts are provided through certain Basic Package services

Part replacement coverage allows customers to keep under budget when components need to be replaced. LG provides only original parts supplied direct from LG and installed by LG certified technicians. Whether components break down or become worn over time, LG supplies top of the line components from sensors and refrigeration components to mechanical components and electrical circuits.

In addition to these services, customers can choose to add BECON cloud (TMS) for comprehensive 24 hour remote system monitoring.

LG TMS provides 24 hour remote system monitoring and control

The Lowdown on TMS

LG Total Management Service allows LG to monitor HVAC devices in real-time no matter where the devices are located. This solution utilizes the LG BECON cloud solution to access data on system operations and performance. By monitoring systems 24 hours a day, engineers can perform predictive maintenance, which makes maintenance and repairs more time-efficient and reduces overall system down time. Solutions to system failures can then be prepared in advance and rapidly implemented to mitigate the need for multiple on-site visits by engineers. In addition, systems can be monitored and controlled remotely to maximize efficiency and save energy. Facility managers and service partners are also privy to system operation and performance data through detailed reports covering multiple sites. Facility managers or end user also gain access to their system through their PC or mobile device.

Learn more about LG’s comprehensive Total Management Service:

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rovaTjz_4VI
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9URUhF0BLj8

With LG service offering, customers are able to not only receive the right products for their facilities, but also get the service they need for effectively and efficiently performing solutions. With a wide range of services and service packages, LG is proactively meeting customers’ service needs and ensuring they get the most from their HVAC systems.

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