Creating Good Vibes in Your Home: Feng Shui

Whether you live in a small apartment or a sprawling mansion, making efficient use of space is important for convenience, aesthetics and your well-being. However, is there maybe something more to how we arrange the spaces in which we live? We’ve all heard of the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui and how it relates the placement of objects in a space to elements of our lives such as health and prosperity. The art and science of Feng Shui was also adopted in Korea over a thousand years ago in what is known as Pungsu-Jili, or Korean geomancy. Pungsu-jili emphasizes the importance of spiritual and physical energy that comes from mountains and how it affects communities as opposed to personal fortunes. This study of Pungsu-Jili had a lasting effect on how Korean people built their houses and constructed cities. The Korean capital, Seoul, was also constructed with the principles of Pungsu-Jili in mind.

The term Pungsu-Jili can be translated literally as ‘wind, water and earth’. Wind and water are associated with good health in East Asian culture and the idea of ‘good pungsu’ evolved to represent good fortune in Korea. While the art of Pungsu-Jili itself is a complex collection of knowledge of balancing and harmonizing with energies that exist in an environment, it can be explained simply as an art of understanding how the placement of buildings and objects in relation to geographic surroundings can impact a community. In the theory of Pungsu-Jili, the shape of the land, including the mountains, rivers and fields, was important to the prosperity of homes and villages.

The Elements of Punsu-Jili

Each element in Feng Shui represents key features for energy

The basic 5 elements of life in Pungsu-Jili are understood to be fire, earth, metal, water and wood. Each of these elements carries their own qi (chi) or energy. The energy of these elements is theorized to flow in paths similar to the way blood flows through the body.

Bagua (8 Areas) and Cardinal Directions

In order to flourish with Pungsu-Jili, it is necessary to define what is known as the Bagua, or energy map, within the home. This energy map designates each cardinal direction with an element that provides energy connected to different aspects of our lives.

The Bagua (8 areas) provide a map for organizing the energy of your home

Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang are represented by the symbol we are all familiar with and, in Pungsu-Jili, it focuses on creating the balance between opposing characteristics in an environment.

Yin and Yang are essential elements in the Feng Shui theory

How Does LG HVAC fit into Pungsu-Jili?

The ancient people that developed the concepts behind Pungsu-Jili not only looked to benefit from the energy of the elements, but they also used Pungsu-Jili to take advantage of the elements themselves. For example, locating a house at the base of a mountain utilized the wind blowing down from the mountain to ventilate the house and keep the occupants cool in the humid Korean summer.

LG HVAC products and solutions provide flexibility. LG VRF solutions such as the LG Multi V line provides freedom not only in functionality but also in interior design. Ductless systems eliminate the need for bulky ducts and the minimal footprint of LG outdoor and indoor units affords designers the ability to make the most of space in any environment. Without the design and space limitations, many users can implement Feng Shui in their home or office to not only use space more efficiently but also add to their prosperity in life.

Implementing Pungsu-Jili is not necessarily complicated but a clear understanding of how the energy in items in an environment takes a bit of research. We hope you are able to make the most of your home or office and use the energy of Pungsu-Jili to work for your health and fortune. LG Air Solution makes a point of giving freedom in design to our customers and this freedom in design can translate into a more prosperous future for you and your home or company with Pungsu-Jili.

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