CES 2020 Impresses with the Best to Come in 2020

Each year, tech enthusiasts look intently to CES for the latest innovations from leaders in the tech space. CES is the world’s biggest tech convention and people from all over the world flock to see what cool new tech will be finding its way into our lives in the near future. With CES 2020 has come to a close, we’d like to take a look at some of the most exciting concepts displayed this year, from foldable displays to flying taxis.

AI Finds New Places to Call Home 

AI Integration

LG presented four levels of AI development

The LG smart door with ThinQ capabilities promises a safer more convenient home

With AI continuing as a major trend at CES, LG Electronics took the opportunity to demonstrate a new level of connectivity with their ThinQ technology, using the theme ‘Anywhere is Home’. The concept is to make anywhere you are as comfortable and convenient as if you were at home. LG has focused their AI applications with 4 levels: efficiency, personalization, reasoning and exploration. AI applications such as smart doors powered by facial and vein recognition make for secure entry into the home while providing useful information to occupants before leaving the house via a screen on the door were displayed in the LG ThinQ Zone. Other ThinQ capable applications such as smart dressing rooms that help you pick out clothes that suit you best along with the CLOi robot line were represented at CES as well. ThinQ is an AI innovation that connects household appliances and other LG products together for a succinct and integrated AI ecosystem.

AI Camera Drone

One of the most impressive drone technologies displayed at CES 2020 was a unique AI camera drone. More than just a drone camera, the AI-powered camera equipped with advanced facial and voice recognition capabilities that enhance the photography experience. Deep learning allows the device to follow people or objects for stable video and photography. The drone capabilities also make this camera mobile and allow it to follow you on the move.

Automatic Language Translator

An update to auto-translation technology boasts the ability to make communication easier than ever

Voice recognition and auto-translation technology have come a long way in the past few years, but there was one product at CES 2020 that has elevated the game. The device allows users to carry on smooth conversations in over 70 languages to help break down language barriers. The compact oval shape lets this translator to fit right in your pocket and it also provides network connectivity for use on the move. You simply need to hold down a button and speak into the device to translate your message into the designated language. Your partner can then press a second button to speak back in their own language. This should be on every traveler’s wish list.

New Forms of Transportation

Taking to the Air

A theme at CES 2020 was innovation in modes of transportation. Technologies such as a flying taxi promise to bring urban transport through the air a step closer to reality. One flying mode of transportation is projected to be capable of speeds up to 180mph and manage distances of up to 60 miles at altitudes between 1,000 and 2,000 feet. The flying vehicle is also expected to be safe and quiet while being fully powered by electricity with a battery.

Personal Transport

Keeping with the theme of innovative transport, personal transportation devices that drew comparisons to similar devices seen in Sci-Fi films were also demonstrated. One personal transportation device functions are similar to an electric wheelchair with the potential to allow people to move quickly and easily around controlled spaces such as shopping malls, campuses, offices or parks. While one device had issues during its CES 2020 demonstration, the potential applications of the product will surely have it popping up again soon once the issues are sorted.

Techs that change your daily life

Smart Kitchen

Chefbot from LG Electronics is set to revolutionize the kitchen experience

The LG booth turned heads at CES 2020 with the introduction of their sleek CLOi line of robots that focus on service in the kitchen. The Chefbot showed off its ability to serve meals at a restaurant while the Guidebot served visitors to the booth. The Guidebot was also on hand to address inquiries from visitors as well. These smart robots function as assistants in the kitchen service industry and will surely change the kitchen experience for cooks and guests in restaurants and at home.

ThinQ Fit is Where Fashion Meet Convenience

ThinQ Fit streamlines the shopping experience, bringing AI into the dressing room

LG ThinQ Fit allows you to measure your body size with a 3D camera, create 3D avatars that look like you, and virtually fit your clothes. With ThinQ Fit, you can check how your outfit will look on you without the hassle of actually changing your clothes. You can even perfectly adjust the length of your pants with VR function.

Tech for Mothers

While mothers aren’t often the focus of technological innovation shown at CES, there were some products demonstrated at this year’s exhibition that are sure to make life easier for mothers everywhere. One company showcased a line of products that do everything from automatically mixing heating and dispensing baby formula to automatically cleaning and sterilizing baby bottles or automatically steaming and blending baby food in one easy step. We also found a wearable breast pump for mothers to conveniently and discreetly pump anywhere with pumps that fit right into their undergarments. The pumps are compact and don’t require extra tubes or devices to give a very mobile and spill-free experience.

The Evolution of Display

LG Signature OLED TV R

LG’s rollable OLED TV R exhibit stood out at CES, showing applications for OLED never seen before

LG Electronics continues to be the global leader in display technology and they’re showing us why with their rollable OLED TV R display. The LG Signature OLED TV R was shown in 2019 as well, but LG Electronics exhibited the latest incarnation of the tech with sights set on a release date in 2020. The OLED TV R provides the unmatched display performance of OLED in a display that can be rolled away when not in use or set to different configurations for different applications.

Foldable Laptop Screen

We’ve seen the emergence of foldable displays in smartphones over the last few years, but this technology has been implemented in the laptop space as well. A foldable 13″ screen laptop was shown to be able to fold into various configurations to suit a range of uses. The ‘dynamic and responsive’ screen is also able to change what you see on the screen, depending on how the display is configured. It can also be combined with a Bluetooth keyboard to function as a desktop as well. This foldable screen is truly taking bendable display functionality to the next level.

We’re excited to see how these new concepts in tech will manifest in how we live, work and play. LG Air Solution also continues to develop the most efficient, effective and innovative solutions for our customers, with hopes to transform the industry and our world going forward.


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