LG Stays Ahead with Compact and Eco-Friendly Multi V S R32

We’ve all heard the expression ‘the best things come in small packages’, but who would have expected this to apply to HVAC solutions as well? With the launch of the LG Multi V S VRF solution, LG has created a new standard for residential and small-to-mid-sized commercial applications in the HVAC industry. This compact and light-weight solution brings the benefits we expect from LG with a smaller form factor and new innovations, proving that smaller can, in fact, be better. The Multi V S delivers an efficient and eco-friendly solution that is leading to a transformation in the HVAC industry.

The Multi V S R32 offers a more compact design and much more

Features that Flourish

LG has reduced the single-fan Multi V S in overall volume by 40% while reducing the weight by 23%. These drastic reductions in size and weight do more than just save installation space. Time and costs spent on installation are also conserved as flexibility in system design and installation aesthetic are greatly improved. This allows the Multi V S to be installed in locations with limited installation space and with specific requirements for streamlined and luxurious designs. As this VRF system is able to be installed on verandas or even small balconies, LG also focused on reducing noise level emissions to approximately 50dB(A), which is comparable to the volume of people talking at a normal level. This improves the outdoor environment as well.

R32 refrigerant allows Multi V S to deliver eco-friendly climate control in a compact form factor

Advanced LG components like the R1 Compressor offer superior performance and efficiency

The Performance of a Lifetime

Even with the more compact form factor, the Multi V S maintains top A++ or A+++ SEER and SCOP ratings thanks to the unparalleled performance of LG exclusive R1 Compressor. This unique hybrid scroll compressor with shaft-through structure demonstrates high stability and operating efficiency, particularly during low-load conditions, while delivering an environmentally friendly solution. Multi V S also adds another element of eco-friendly operation with the implementation of R32 refrigerant. R32 not only is a more cost-effective refrigerant, but it also boasts a Global Warming Potential (GWP) that is 68% less than the most commonly used R410A refrigerant that is in the process of being phased out through policies such as the F-gas regulation in the EU.

Iconic Multi V innovations such as biomimetic designs keep the Multi V S ahead of the game

Added Advantages

Also, other solutions defining features of the LG Multi V lineup have also been implemented in the Multi V S. Dual Sensing technology allows the Multi V S to detect both temperature and humidity for more efficient and effective operation. The fan components have also been made from LG’s own Ocean Black Fin material that improves durability with resistance to air pollution, salt contamination and other corrosion causing factors. LG utilized biomimicry to design the fans based on the shape of humpback whale fins and the surface of clamshells for more powerful air volumes and lower noise emission.


When commenting on the Multi V S, LG Project Engineer Abdul Rehman Khan offered, ‘Multi V S, being the most compact and light-weight of its R32 refrigerant-applied compact-sized VRF class, allows high flexibility during installation but still post high efficiency with R32 refrigerant.’


An HVAC solution that provides efficiency, performance and flexibility all in a compact and eco-friendly solution is as much as we could ask for. While building administrators and HVAC system designers are looking for innovative solutions for unique environments, LG has its ear to the track in order to deliver what customers need. With this new solution, LG will continue to pave the way for a more innovative and greener solution going forward.

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