Top HVAC Trends for 2019

The New Year is upon us and at LG Air Solution, we’re excited about the innovation in HVAC we’ll see in 2019. The HVAC industry is booming and we pride ourselves in delivering advanced solutions and staying ahead of the game in HVAC trends. As the New Year begins, we’d like to take a look at some of the most prominent trends in the industry for 2019 and how LG Air Solution is providing customers with the innovative products that keep them ahead of the trends.

The Expansion of Commercial Building Automation and Controls

As the building automation and control sector continues to evolve, we can expect to see it expand into more diverse and complex markets such as commercial retail, healthcare and hospitality. HVAC systems are bound to also be a significant factor in this expansion in each of these markets. The evolution of HVAC systems in automation and control will include more advance monitoring and automated control solutions based on temperature, humidity, occupancy and CO2 levels. HVAC solutions will also see full integration into building automation systems. LG Air Solution is a step ahead with tools and solutions such as LG BMS Gateway that allows comprehensive integration of LG HVAC solutions into a facility’s BMS (Building Management System) for seamless automation and control. LG also offers advanced sensing and control that factor in temperature, humidity and CO2 levels across their HVAC solutions.


Automation and control systems will become smarter and better connected for new applications

Improved Efficiency Ratings in Residential Furnaces

Regulations and legislature will continue to push the demand for better efficiency and this pertains to residential furnaces as much as any other system. Regulatory demands for efficiency in the motors and fans in heating solutions will spark a move to electric powered systems. These systems will also look to drastically reduce harmful emissions and pollution as well. LG continues to provide solutions that check all the boxes. The LG Therma V saves up to 40% energy consumption with LG inverter compressor and advanced fan technology. 75% natural energy absorption helps this AWHP (Air-to-Water Heat Pump) from LG reduce fossil fuel consumption and reduce CO2 emissions. Advanced controls and monitoring also ensures Therma V leads the pack in heating systems efficiency


LG will continue providing efficient heating solutions

More Intuitive Connected HVAC Products

With the potential for leaks and other malfunctions to cause immense damage, the demand for preventative maintenance in HVAC systems is in high demand. Intelligent technologies with operational monitoring capabilities will emerge as essential in the industry. LG offers intuitive tools for monitoring and proactive maintenance. Both the LGMV (Mobile LGMV is a maintenance and troubleshooting tool for Multi V air conditioning systems. It consists of a wireless communications module and a free smart phone app, available for Android and iOS smart phones / Source: and LG SIMs (Smartphone Inverter Monitoring service system) solutions essentially consist of a simple wireless communications module that transmits data from sensors in an outdoor HVAC unit and makes it possible to monitor cycle and operations information from the outdoor unit. System connectivity with LG solutions also gives users and technicians unlimited access to monitoring capabilities with sensing and BMS technology.


Intuitive solutions through connectivity will be in high demand

Commercial HVAC Units Strive to Meet Efficiency Requirements

Efficiency standards are driving innovation in large outdoor units. Variable frequency, or variable speed drives, will be found in new applications. Costs for ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions will no longer dictate efficiency standards in the industry as legislature and regulation will take precedent. However, LG efficiency is already ahead of the game. The LG inverter compressor is found in their HVAC products to boast efficiency and effectiveness. Smart control of the Multi V solutions continues to make LG systems the most efficient on the market.


Efficiency will become more important for large-scale commercial units

Connected HVAC Solutions Expand into Improving Air Quality

Automation will play a larger role in the monitoring and control of air quality. Connected, real-time monitoring gives users more reliable information on the air in their homes and facilities. Advanced sensors and configurations detect harmful particles and CO2 levels while automatically taking action to introduce fresh air into the environment. LG sensors and filtration systems work in connected environments to provide quality air. Ventilation and air circulation provided by LG solutions such as Multi V, air handling units and Energy Recovery Ventilation ensure the cleanest air possible in any environment. Harmful particle and CO2 levels are detected through advanced sensors in LG solutions and this data is shared throughout these systems to manage ventilation, filtration and air distribution.


LG ERV solutions provide advanced filtration for optimum air quality


2019 is here and we are thrilled to see the new innovations that will emerge in the HVAC market this year. We are equally excited to continue providing products and services that deliver our customer the cutting edge solutions they require. While we stay ahead of the curve in offering the latest trends in the HVAC industry, we hope the best for each of you in 2019!

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