When Gas is the Game, LG GHP Super III is the Name

When looking into VRF solutions, building administrators have a wide range of EHP (Electric Heat Pump) solutions from which to choose. However, the need for consistent supply of electricity can put a strain on facilities in regions where electric supply is limited or electricity costs greatly outweigh the costs of other power sources. While HVAC systems should be able to maintain consistent temperatures and reliably maintain safe and comfortable environments, insufficient electric power grid facilities make powering an HVAC system extremely difficult. Energy efficiency is a key factor that goes into determining the type of VRF solution to install at a facility, but cost efficiency is also a major concern that can be a deal breaker in certain parts of the world. Regions where gas is easier to supply and more cost efficient than electricity, a GHP (Gas-engine driven Heat Pump) system is the only solution that makes sense. This is where the LG GHP Super III provides a powerful and efficient solution that hits the mark for many facilities.

An extensive electrical grid network is necessary for sufficient supply of electricity

The Grid

Electricity is generated using a wide range of sources including coal, gas and new and renewable energy sources. The network that supplies electricity from power plants to individual users is known as the electrical grid. Electricity generators are operated by electric companies or utilities and regulated by governments. Transmission lines create the network supplying electricity to the user and to hubs for distribution. Transformers then convert electricity to supply to the end user.


The electrical grid is a network for supplying power to a wide range of users across a region


When the electrical grid is insufficient in a region, excessive electric costs and limited supply can prohibit systems in a facility from using electricity as a power source. Lack of infrastructure inhibits electrical supply and can make receiving sufficient energy impossible. While India is developing rapidly, there are many regions in the country where the electrical grid is not yet developed enough to properly supply electricity. Consistent maintenance of infrastructure is also crucial to keeping the supply of electricity sufficient. The electrical grid in Cuba, even where infrastructure exists, is riddled with constant outages that make running large facilities on electricity difficult. These and many other regions around the world require cost effective and consistent alternatives to electric power facilities such as HVAC systems.

The Cost

Most developing countries are focusing on growing their electrical supply capabilities to match the growth of their economy, but customers need to be able to also pay for the electricity. Gas supply can be more convenient and more affordable, which can make HVAC systems a possibility where it otherwise may not be. An electrical grid connection alone for a typical sub-Saharan African household can cost between USD 400 and USD 1,2001, and even more for a company using large amounts of electricity. In countries such as Bangladesh, Nepal, Uganda and Nigeria, frequent power outages and voltage fluctuations hamper the productivity of small businesses by halting production, damaging equipment and affecting the quality of final products. These issues cost business money and gas provides a dependable alternative in many cases. With electrical cost too high, companies often have to forgo HVAC systems entirely. However, lower gas prices and ready supply of gas can allow companies to consider implementation of systems that were not possible before.


The LG GHP Super III is the essential Gas Heat Pump VRF solution

GHP Super III Fills in the Gap

In regions where electrical supply is insufficient or more costly than gas, LG GHP Super III is the solution that can make VRF solutions a possibility. But what is GHP? GHP is a Gas powered Heat Pump solution that, as you may have guessed by now, uses gas to power an engine that compresses refrigerant and distributes heating and cooling. And what makes the LG GHP Super III the right VRF solution where gas is inexpensive and readily available? Economically, it makes sense. The LG GHP Super III boasts higher efficiency than its electric counterpart operates without connection to the electrical grid and can allow for natural gas subsidies from the government. Dependability also makes GHP Super III the ideal gas powered option. This VRF solution offers constant heating and cooling with no down time for defrosting and consistent, stable operation. The simple installation process and significantly smaller footprint eliminates the need for additional control room, which both saves space and reduces installation costs by 50% compared to previous models. This reduction in installation space and costs offers more flexibility in design for more effective use of available space.


The small footprint of GHP Super III saves space and provides more flexibility in system design


Operation of the GHP Super III also provides additional advantages with advanced LG technology. With more efficient operation, this gas powered VRF solution minimizes operation costs and the 4-sided heat exchange delivers a 20% larger heat exchange area over previous models for more effective capacity. Smart management systems also add to the efficiency of the GHP Super III. Smart oil management system improves compressor efficiency with specialized oil sensor that provides oil balancing and oil return. In addition, circulating refrigerant is monitored and adjusted through each cycle with active refrigerant control to maximize efficiency in real time.


Gas-engine driven Heat Pump solutions improve performance with continuous heat operation


Where gas is the proper energy source, LG GHP Super III is the proper HVAC solution. Developing countries around the world are looking to bring their facilities up to the global standard with powerful and efficient HVAC solutions. LG is supplying the solutions to satisfy customers around the globe and the GHP Super III might just be the perfect solution for your facility.


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