Therma V Gets it Done with All-in-One Cooling, Heating and Hot Water

Therma V Gets it Done with All-in-One Cooling, Heating and Hot Water

To run a successful business, keeping your customers satisfied should be a top priority. Without exception, meeting clients’ needs and gaining their trust is a must for sustaining clientele and profits. However, there are many industries, including HVAC, in which service providers must cater to a diverse set of clients and requirements in order to stay afloat.


In the HVAC industry, business is booming but competition is stiff and it is imperative to communicate effectively throughout the installation process, met deadlines and maintain system operations. An unhappy building administrator will not only hinder business but also cause unnecessary stress for all parties involved. At the same time, an installer must provide a fully operational system that is convenient, environmentally friendly and highly efficient. Managing the different needs and expectations of administrators and tenants in any type of facility isn’t an easy challenge to overcome. How can an HVAC service provider tackle the unique needs of their diverse customers? Providing a dependable solution that is convenient and easy to install and maintain while offering environmentally friendly operation solve this problem without a hitch. This is where solutions like the LG Therma V hit the mark.

Therma V is a compact AWHP solution

The LG Therma V is an AWHP (Air to Water Heat Pump) system that delivers heating, cooling and hot water in one compact unit. Essentially, AWHP systems work as a boilers but they operate at extremely high efficiency. Each year, the number of developers opting to install AWHP systems continues to stay on the rise. The LG Therma V stands out with installers with simple and easy to install configuration. Installing an HVAC systems is a complicated process that requires manpower and man-hours to complete. However, Therma V is changing the game. Even more, the Therma V Monobloc models make the installation process even easier. With the indoor and outdoor unit combines in one compact unit, transportation and installation are as simple as can be. These units also eliminate the need for additional refrigerant piping, so even those with little or no installation experience can manage the job. The latest monobloc models also implement R32 refrigerant, which makes them up to 10 times lighter than units operating with R410A refrigerant and make installation even more convenient.

The simple configuration of Therma V Monobloc makes installation easier for even the most inexperienced installer and allows them to meet their deadlines and keep customers satisfied. Once in full operation, the units are quick and easy to monitor and maintain. With the removal of just 3 screws, anyone can access the water pump and strainer and the data-logging feature allows them to easily check operation logs to detect the source of any issues.

Configurator software and no-piping configuration make Therma V a breeze to install and maintain

As any installer with tell you, they must provide accurate and detailed information in order to gain the trust of their clients. The State-of-the-art LG Therma V Configurator software gives the installer the ability to access a wide range of data specific to each project so that they have a comprehensive understanding of any job before arriving on site. Not only does the Configurator software prepare installers for the installation process, but it also offers clients with a clear understanding of the process so that they know what to expect.

Beyond convenience, Therma V offers something even more valuable in this age of environmental awareness. LG inverter technology helps Therma V perform at the highest capacity with optimal energy efficiency. The LG inverter minimizes energy consumption due to the variable inverter speed capabilities. Moreover, the Therma V BLDC fan provides energy savings of up to 40% at low speeds and 20% at high speeds. Therma V utilizes natural energy resources to reduce its carbon footprint while reducing fossil fuel consumption and overall CO2 emissions.

Therma V allows users and installers to access a wide range of data including energy consumption

In addition to the environmental benefits, the LATS (LG Air Conditioner Technical Solution) can run full simulation analysis to illustrate the economic benefits of Therma V and show users how much they are saving in energy costs. Through the input of specified parameters, the program can calculate annual energy costs, annual CO2 production, monthly energy usage and costs as well as the total amount of thermal energy usage as the temperature changes outdoors.

LG is committed to putting our customers first. This commitment has also led to significant benefits for installers and maintenance service providers as well. The LG Therma V goes above and beyond to exceed expectations and provide a solution with simple installation and maintenance, eco-friendly operation and superior energy efficiency.

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