LG Electronics Paves the way for Amorepacific LEED Certification

At LG Electronics, we recognize the importance of environmental conservation and are continuing to expand the scope of our eco-friendly operations and business. As a part of this initiative, we are providing innovative consulting to maximize the efficiency of our clients’ facilities and pursuing our goal to offer services that protect the earth. We worked along with global company Amorepacific to assist them in designing and constructing a LEED Gold certified, state-of-the-art building that is now a landmark in Seoul.

Seoul maintains a unique balance of traditional with modern

vSeoul is a bustling and vibrant city that balances the elegance of traditional architecture with modern design. In 2018, a new landmark was opened as an addition to the Seoul skyline that continues this unique balance. This new landmark is the Amorepacific headquarters building located in central Seoul. Amorepacific is a leading beauty company that was founded in 1945 in Korea. Amorepacific has strived to remain connected to the community in which it began and is continuing to connect with the neighborhood and its residents. In a show of community and cultural revitalization, Amorepacific put their heart into the construction of their new headquarters and reached out to LG for consulting in this endeavor.

Source: http://www.apgroup.com/int/ko/misc/news/2018-01-09.html
The Amorepacific Headquarters is truly an eye-catching landmark in Seoul

More Than Just a Pretty Face

Plans for the Amorepacific headquarters building were initiated in 2010 and construction was completed with much anticipation in 2017. The eye-catching structure is a sight to behold but there is much more to the building. The Amorepacific building is 188,759㎡ in total area with 22 stories above ground and 7 floors located underground. The exterior of the building is encased with an installation of vertical louvers inspired by the beauty of traditional Korean white porcelain moon jars. While these louvers provide a captivating aesthetic that intrigues those outside the facility, they also act as shades that evenly distribute light to create a calming environment and provide protection to occupants from harmful UV light coming from the Sun. Beyond the elegance of the minimalist design, lie functional communal spaces with such as a 450 seat conference hall, conference rooms for meeting and events and even a cafe and cafeteria that seats 800 people. On the first through third floors, visitors are greeted by an open atrium and can access an art museum that provides the community with exposure to cultures from around the world.


We were able to provide the intuitive consulting necessary to ensure LEED Gold certification for the Amorepacific headquarters


One of the highlights of the structure, and a point of pride for us, is that the building received LEED Gold certification, which is the highest LEED certification in Korea. For those of you unfamiliar with the LEED standard, LEED is recognized internationally as a green building certification standard that ranks performance of buildings using a comprehensive set of metrics. LEED certification is applicable to all building types and encompasses all facets of a building’s lifecycle including design, construction, operation and maintenance. We were able to provide the intuitive consulting necessary to ensure LEED Gold certification for the Amorepacific headquarters building. In addition, the Amorepacific headquarters used LED lighting exclusively and also features a photovoltaic panel system installed on the roof. The beautiful structure is also able to reduce energy costs by 26% according to American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) standards.

Source: http://www.apgroup.com/int/ko/misc/news/2018-01-09.html
Features such as LED lights, energy efficient designs and solar panels helped the building obtain LEED Gold certification

Environment, Health and Aesthetic

The new Amorepacific headquarters not only saves energy and reduces costs, but also provides other environmentally friendly, health and aesthetic advantages. Local and recycled materials make up 20% of the total materials used in the construction of the building to reduce the overall use of fossil fuels consumed during transportation and processing of construction materials. Amorepacific’s new building also has water-resistant faucet and sanitation infrastructure to improve durability. Furthermore, systems were installed for reusing waste-water and rainwater in order to reduce water consumption on site. Water is further conserved with the planting of wild, native plants that thrive without consuming excess water. Rainwater is repurposed to provide nourishment to the plants and the LEED certified integrated water management plan helps to curtail more than 50% of water use throughout the building.

Source: http://www.apgroup.com/int/ko/misc/news/2018-01-09.html
The Amorepacific headquarters provides occupants with open views and nature-friendly places to relax


Also, the use of materials composed of harmful chemicals such as VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), which can cause sick building syndrome, was significantly reduced to provide a healthy and safe indoor environment for the occupants in the building. To provide a more comfortable and efficient work space for employees, office spaces were designed to encourage open communication and communal work spaces has been provided through the office. With ample open space, occupants can enjoy comfortable and relaxing spaces throughout the facility including 3 open gardens on the 5th, 11th and 17th floors. The building’s façade is designed to offer open, outdoor views for those inside and the interior features sensors that make it possible to balance artificial light inside with natural sunlight from outdoors.


As part of our continued effort to offer environmentally and economically sound consultation, LG is proud to be a part of this magnificent project and look forward to providing consulting that benefits our environment and our lives in the future. If you’re ever in Seoul, be sure to take the opportunity to visit the Amorepacific headquarters and experience the next generation in energy efficient design.

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