Women’s Day 2018: Are Women in HVAC the Future of the Industry?

A lot of women don’t see the
opportunities that exist, and they’re not
around enough women who work in these
roles to realize all the benefits a career in
this industry can afford them.

The future of the HVAC industry looks bright! According to the ‘Growth Opportunities in the Global HVAC Equipment Industry’ report from Research and Markets, the global HVAC market is projected to reach approximately USD 120.6 billion by the year 2022 and is anticipated to grow at an annual growth rate of 4.9% between 2017 and 2022. New technology in HVAC is not only creating more opportunities in the workforce but also generating a more diverse set of jobs in the industry. The HVAC industry seems to have everything going for it, but there is one thing missing… WOMEN! There is a drastically lower rate of women in HVAC than in other industries around the world. With this booming industry creating so many new opportunities for workers and entrepreneurs, we are likely to see women at the front lines of the HVAC industry adding a new sensibility to its technology and designs. At LG, we are committed to offering opportunities to individuals seeking them while delivering quality technicians that can provide world-class services to our customers around the world. With Women’s Day coming up on March 8, we want to celebrate the contributions women have made to our industry and highlight opportunities that the industry can provide to women around the world.

Women and the HVAC Industry


Women in the Workforce

Percentage of Women Represented in Selected Occupations

More women are entering the HVAC industry than ever before, but women still only make up just over 1% of the HVAC technician workforce world-wide. A similar disparity is present in almost every element of the industry. Global expansion in the industry is creating positions in which women could prove to be a strong asset. Growth in the retail, hospitality and commercial sectors is predicted to translate to continued growth in the HVAC sector as these developments entail large-scale implementation of HVAC systems. This growth in HVAC means the industry will be looking to take on a large number of new technicians. Women stand to not only take advantage of opportunities in the field but also to become a valuable resource in the sector. Women in HVAC are poised to be the future of the HVAC industry.

Perspectives from Women in the HVAC Field

We had the opportunity to talk with some women working in HVAC at LG and gained interesting insight into the HVAC industry and what it means to be a woman in this male dominated field. Let’s see what they had to say.

Virna Kumorkiewicz
Key Account Manager,
HVAC and Energy,
LG Electronics
Buenos Aires, Argentina

To succeed in a male-dominated field like HVAC, a woman needs to prep, prep and more prep. And after that, more prep. Self confidence and trust in your ability to use your knowledge combined with the unique 6th sense that all women have are important. I believe that as a woman, patience, persuasion and manner in conducting negotiations are key features inherent to our gender that can favor positive outcomes in business. Personnel on construction sites and decision makers are predominantly men. Therefore, as a woman, I need to prove my solid technical knowledge and share the merits of my opinion to level the field.


Graziela Yang
Product Manager,
System Air Conditioning,
LG Electronics
Sao Paulo, Brazil

The environment in the HVAC industry is always positive and I feel that I am always learning. However, as the majority of the team is men, I found it more difficult to be confident in the beginning. Men can tend to be somewhat ‘cold’, so I think being a woman adds some ‘warmth’ to the work atmosphere. In my opinion, it is important to work hard and be modest in the beginning and also, being open minded is always a positive attribute.


Yanhua Jin
Sales Manager,
Chiller Sales Xi’an Branch,
LG Electronics
Xi’an, China

The decision makers and authorized representatives for projects are almost always men, this may seem daunting but, in actuality, I feel that I am able to win the favor of customers through sincerity and perseverance and this gives me greater confidence in my career. Women can be more approachable, so they can be more likely to be accepted than men. Women are strong with details and women tend to pay more attention to detail. Also, when you are in a position that is seen as weaker, it is natural that you will win some sympathy and connect with customers more easily. In fact, women’s toughness tends to be more suited for this role sometimes. This toughness can prove especially important and you will experience great results if you put your heart and effort into your work.

Learn more about what it takes to become an HVAC technician:

LG Culturing the Future

LG HVAC Academy Engineering Levels

Initiatives by LG to train professionals in the HVAC sector offer in-depth courses for HVAC installers, service technicians, system designers, consultants and sales staff. We have established LG HVAC Academies around the world, where people can gain the training and skills to become experts in the field. We currently run 69 academies around the world including 18 partner academies offering 5 levels of certification that endow participants with the know-how and expertise to succeed in their field. These academies are equipped with all of LG’s state-of-the-art products such as our flagship Multi V 5 system air conditioner and advanced, cloud-based HVAC control systems. As women enter the HVAC market, they will be greeted with a wide spectrum of resources such as those offered at our LG HVAC Academies.

Women and men alike have a powerful resource in LG HVAC Academies
Women continue to expand into primarily male-dominated industries such as HVAC, they will find new challenges and new opportunities that will provide them with enriching careers. HVAC has a lot to offer and gives people working in the field chances to grow and find independence in their work. We hope to see more HVAC women in our sales rooms, in our research labs and installing our equipment in the near future, across India and throughout the world.

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