Our 2019: LG HVAC Story Yearbook

2019 was a great year for advancement at LG Air Solution ad in the HVAC industry as a whole. Let’s take a look back and see the most exciting issues brought to us by 2019.

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The 2019 AHR Expo opened in Atlanta in January of 2019 and LG Air Solution was there to flex with their flagship Multi VTM 5 air-source VRF system along with their upgraded Vertical Air Handler Unit (VAHU), advanced AC Smart 5 Controller, redesigned High Static Ducted indoor unit and the innovative Air Handler Unit (AHU) Conversion Kit.

LG Exhibits Innovative HVAC Solutions at 2019 AHR Expo


Smart home owners and building owners are continuously looking for smart technology to improve their homes and facilities. When it comes to HVAC, smart applications are driving dynamic changes in the industry. From system automation and control systems to alternative energy sources, smart technology is infiltrating all aspects of the industry and impacting our lives in many ways.

Be Smart and be Cool with Smart Tech in HVAC


In March, we explored some businesses in Thailand that are thriving thanks to the comfortable and stylish solution provided by LG Multi Split solutions. These businesses required comprehensive climate control for comfort along with solutions that created a pleasing aesthetic in each environment. In addition, the LG systems were able to provide efficient solutions that are better for the environment.

LG is at the Heart of Business with Convertible and Single Split Solutions


In April, we took the opportunity to talk with a researcher at LG Air Solution and learned about the development of magnetic bearing technology, a core advancement in LG chiller systems. Dr. Myounggyu Noh discussed with us his experience in getting into the field and the magnetic bearing development process.

From Research to Real-life, Dr. Noh tells his Story of Magnetic Bearings


Balancing temperature and humidity in the home is important in creating a comfortable environment. With summer on the way, we discussed ways to help balance the humidity in a house through useful products and simple tips that keep your home healthier and more comfortable to make the most of your time indoors.

In between Sticky and Dry


LG has a rich history of innovation and product, which includes the development of dynamic air solutions. We provided an infographic to explore the history of LG and show how LG Air Solution rose to the top of the HVAC industry. So take this journey with us again to see the rise of LG and LG HVAC solutions.

LG HVAC History: A Journey to the Top


LG Air Solution can provide the ideal solution for any environment and this stands true even in an air control tower. LG installed a Multi V system with a heat recovery system to ensure that all areas of the air control tower at Houari Boumediene Airport in Algeria we safe and comfortable at all times and under any conditions.

LG HVAC has Touched Down at Houari Boumediene Airport in Algeria


LG has developed a ground-breaking compressor technology and we wanted to help our readers better understand how it works with a helpful infographic. The R1 Compressor features a shaft-through bottom compression structure that offers the best in performance, stability and efficiency.

LG R1 Compressor, the Game Changer


As the world looks to get greener, LG is taking the lead in offering more efficient and eco-friendly HVAC solutions. This is why we introduced the Therma V R32 Split that utilizes R32 refrigerant with a much lower Global Warming Potential than its predecessors. A greener refrigerant with R1 Compressor efficiency and comprehensive control allows customers to get the most of their HVAC system.

Greener LG with Therma V R32 Split


Empowering our customers is a point of pride for LG and LG Oil-Free Inverter Magnetic Bearing Chillers are helping us continue to do just that. We took a detailed look at the advantages offered by these dynamic chillers and discover how they are helping businesses succeed with performance, efficiency and flexibility.

LG Oil-Free Chillers Give Businesses the Power to Stay Ahead


Selecting a new HVAC system is never easy, but we made it easier with a basic guide to how the Inverter Single Packaged solution saves time and resources. The ease and convenience provided by this solution come with the performance you expect from LG and make it the ideal solution for large commercial spaces.

LG Inverter Single Packaged Solution Ticks All the Boxes


To end the year, we offered Christmas cheer with a simple gift to our readers in a 3D printing LG Air Solution skating rink. This was our way of saying thank you for reading and offering best wishes for the coming year.

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for a New Year from LG Air Solution

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