LG HVAC has Touched Down at Houari Boumediene Airport in Algeria!

You’ve probably seen a Hollywood movie where the protagonist has rescued a commercial airliner from the grips of terrorists and must safely land the plane and its passengers with help from the experts in the air traffic control tower. While the exaggerated suspense of a Hollywood movie may seem farfetched, control towers and those working inside them play an essential role in directing thousands of planes through takeoff and landing each day.


Control towers are immensely crucial in managing the speed and safety of air traffic around the world. While they may not be dealing with guiding desperate heroes into the land day in and day out, because of the important role they play, controls towers must stay up and running 365 days a year. Furthermore, due to the highly advanced air traffic control facilities and computers in housed in these towers, they require more precise and comfortable HVAC systems.

Inside an air traffic control tower


Houari Boumediene Airport, Algeria’s Largest Airport

Houari Boumediene Airport is an international airport located in the Algerian capital of Algiers and accommodates an average of 7 million passengers a year. Due to aging facilities and an influx in air traffic, they began construction of a new airport in 2014. LG Algeria was able to fend off the stiff competition and was selected for the installation of the HVAC system in the Houari Boumediene Airport air traffic control tower.

Houari Boumediene Airport air traffic control tower

Algiers is located in North Africa and has a climate that is hot and dry in the summer, and mild and humid in the winter. But since the temperature difference between morning and night can fluctuate at an average of 10°C, you may need to bring a coat to stay comfortable throughout the day. I visited Algiers in March, and while the mornings and evenings were chilly, the Mediterranean sun made it sweltering with temperatures well over 30°C.

Algiers is Algeria’s largest city, located on the Western Mediterranean


LG’s Two Solutions for Finicky Control Tower HVAC Systems

At the top of a control tower, the perimeter is lined with windows at 360 degrees, which allows a lot of direct sunlight into the tower and causes temperatures to rise inside. Also, since there is a high difference in temperature in each space throughout the day, precise heating and cooling are essential. Within the same space, sunlight can be shining in from one side while not in the other, making it necessary to have powerful heating and cooling available in the same space simultaneously.

Simultaneous heating and cooling solution required in a control tower

This Multi V heat recovery simultaneous heating and cooling solution is designed to deliver heating and cooling to any area where it is required while providing maximum convenience and efficiency. Also, the waste heat recovery system greatly decreases energy consumption. This system is economical and the perfect fit for an air traffic control tower.

LG Multi V installed in the Houari Boumediene Airport control tower

With people on 24-hour rotation in a control tower, it is important to provide adequate air circulation to keep everyone comfortable. A basic natural ventilation system can allow polluted air into the space and waste energy in the heating and cooling process. LG Energy Recovery Ventilation not only ventilates the air in the space but also conserves energy emitted when heating and cooling while running a 3-stage air purification system to provide cleaner air.

Energy Recovery Ventilation provides a more comfortable environment

After successfully completing the Houari Boumediene Airport air traffic control tower project, LG Algeria acquired 2 more bids for air traffic control tower systems. Even today, as the sun is beating down in the desert, we hope you join us in showing appreciation for LG Algeria for their efforts in providing the best air conditioning system for the job. And if you ever end up flying into Algiers, be sure to look up at the control tower and remember what it takes to keep operations running smoothly and passenger flying safely.


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