Caring for Your Heater in Summer?

During the sweltering months of summer, the last thing on your mind is likely your heater. But as summer approaches, turning attention to your heating system is more important than you think. If your heater hasn’t been attended to for months by the time cooler weather comes around, it may not be ready to perform at its best and you may experience a loss in efficiency. Investing the time to inspect and maintain your heater could help lower heating costs and provide your home with cleaner air from the system.


Why Summer Time is the Right Time

Inspecting your heating system in the summer can keep you from freezing in the winter

If you have turned off your heater and are preparing to cool your home as things heat up, this is the ideal time to work on maintaining your heating system. With the heater turned off, it allows you to inspect the system while it is not in use. This will also allow you time to have the system serviced if maintenance is required and you can save money by performing maintenance services while off-peak season. You will have peace of mind, knowing that when the weather turns cold, your heating system will be ready to keep your home warm all winter long.


The Hot Spots to Inspect

After running all winter and enduring the unpredictable weather of spring, your heating system will need some attention. But what are the main points to which you need to attend? There are a few simple steps you can take to be sure that basic operations and performance are unhindered. Be sure to change or clean your filters regularly. This may seem like a minor issue, but it is something that often gets overlooked. Abnormalities in thermostat operation can also be indicative of larger problems in the system. This is something that can be done at any time, but might be more beneficial to test between summer and winter when the system is not in use. Another essential step in maintaining your heater is checking and cleaning the ducts and registers. Not only will this promote better system performance, but it will also ensure that cleaner air is circulated through your home. Another element involving cleanliness is attending to condensation and water drainage where applicable. If your condensation drain is accessible, look to clear the drain of debris or blockage in early summer before cranking up the air conditioning. A simple task such as inspecting and clearing around the outdoor compressor unit can also go a long way to keeping your system running strong for years to come.


To avoid being without heat when you need it most, look out for your heating system when it’s not urgently needed. Keep your heater running at top performance and relax when winter arrives with the confidence that your home will be safe and warm. A smoothly and efficiently operating heater will keep you comfortable and help prolong the life of your system overall. The weather may be heating up, but don’t forget your heater!!


With LG’s wide range of diverse heating products, there is a heating solution for any type of building or home. If caring for your heater is still not allowing your system to operate at peak performance, take some time to discover which of the LG heating systems ( is the right solution for you.

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