LG Multi V M VRF Solution Redefines Concept of Optimal Performance

Last year, LG Electronics (LG) released an advanced modular Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) solution, Multi V M. Equipped with enhanced features that boost installation and performance, this solution is meeting the needs of a wide range of customers. With a modular type system implementing LG’s cutting-edge technologies, Multi V M bolsters convenience and efficiency to provide maximum benefits for users.

Multi V M provides customers with aspects of VRF solutions such as convenience, performance and reliability. Combining LG’s advanced VRF solutions with innovative and emerging technologies, this system is bringing air conditioning to the next level of optimal performance.

High Flexibility of Installation

The “M” in Multi V M stands for “module,” as the system comprises a split of external units consisting of compressor module and heat exchanger module designed to enhance the flexibility of installation. Eased restrictions on the installation of outside units due to the smaller and lighter units allow the setup of the compressor module at any place inside, such as a storage room or kitchen. The heat exchanger module can also be installed in any type of ceiling space. Moreover, its installation close to the indoor unit means a shorter piping length to reduce installation time. This, in turn, lowers costs and prevents additional capacity loss.

The higher convenience of installation means Multi V M is expected to emerge as the optimal solution for the European market. The flexibility of the modular Multi V M means higher efficiency for users on the continent, a region where HVAC solutions are difficult to implement due to the buildings with insufficient space for outdoor units and regulations on the installation of such units.

Its compact size enables convenient installation as well as maintenance. Multi V M features smaller and lighter units with reduced volume, footprint and weight of both the compressor and heat exchanger modules. Stronger piping capabilities provide maximum distance between the two modules, with the distance between the indoor units and compressor modules being 70m. With a maximum distance of 70m, Multi V M promises a more flexible design and convenient installation.


High Performance & Efficiency

A key innovative feature of Multi V M is a newly developed hybrid compressor, LG’s most advanced inverter compressor. Bringing the best of LG’s rotary and scroll inverter compressor into its new compressor, it reinforces efficiency and reliability.

The Multi V M provides an EER of 3.40 and a COP of 3.90 with its improvements in seasonal efficiency offering a SEER of 7.03 and a SCOP of 4.12. The operating range of 50-60Hz is optimized for various cooling and heating load operations.

LG’s Smart Load Control enables Multi V M to sense outdoor and indoor temperatures and change indoor discharge air temperature accordingly. Energy efficiency is raised by implementing an optimized heating and cooling solution that maximizes user comfort.

In addition, Multi V M’s Wide Louver Plus Fin increases the system’s efficiency and heating performance. The fin shape helps enhance the heat exchanger’s efficiency up to 28 percent over a conventional fin. Moreover, Wide Louver Plus Fin can help slow the frosting process of the heat exchanger and delay the start of defrosting, raising efficiency as high as six percent.


Reinforced Durability

LG’s exclusive Ocean Black Fin and Dual Protection guard against corrosive substances including salt and sand from sea winds as well as industrial pollution. Epoxy Resin of the Ocean Black Fin heat exchanger minimizes moisture buildup. The improved durability lowers maintenance costs and prolongs the product’s lifespan.


User Convenience

This brand-new model features the quietest operation in its class due to the low noise level of 45dB emitted by both the compressor and heat exchanger modules. This allows the outdoor units to be installed and operated inside. Moreover, LG’s exclusive SmartThinQ app, an accessory that allows users to remotely control their air conditioners, reinforces the system’s handy integrated control and high operational efficiency.

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