Tips to Save Some Cool Cash this Summer

Keeping cool in the summer is essential for staying safe and comfortable during the hottest time of the year, but up to 50% of energy costs in the summer can go into air conditioning your home. This being said, it’s safe to say that we won’t be abandoning our air conditioners over the summer. How can we find relief from the heat and humidity without breaking the bank? Here are some effective ways to help us reduce our electricity bills without sacrificing comfort.



Think Smart

Smart thermostats allow for scheduling and precise control of our HVAC systems


Smart technology is quickly becoming a staple of HVAC systems and a smart thermostat or control system is a great way to improve efficiency and ultimately reducing costs. A central smart control system reduces costs by streamlining HVAC operation through functions such as regulation of cooling depending on the occupancy of your home, detailed scheduling and control of temperatures in individual areas of the home. A smart thermostat will also make system operation more convenient and provide more precise temperature control.

Don’t Turn a Blind Eye

Blinds help keep cool air in and the heat out


While insulation helps regulate temperatures in the house, sunlight coming through the windows can heat things up. Keep the blinds closed to limit the amount of heat entering through the windows. Closing the blinds will keep direct sunlight from coming through and provide insulation that keeps the heat out and cool air in.



The Right Temperature

Finding the right temperature and setting your air conditioner accordingly is more efficient. You may be tempted to blast cold air throughout the house when you get home, but settling on a comfortable temperature you can stick to while still being comfortable can shave excess costs from your bills.



Your Biggest Fan

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A ceiling fan helps circulate air and can be used instead of your air conditioner at times


While we may be tempted to blast the AC as soon as we feel the slightest discomfort, there are many times a fan would do the trick. Using a fan improves airflow and accelerates air temperature distribution, lowering the temperature faster than only using an air conditioner. In particular, investing in a ceiling fan can ultimately reduce electricity expenses. LG is also providing ceiling fan products to keep our customers cool. If you want to know more about our premium fans, click



Location is Key

The HVAC thermostat not only controls the temperature but also detects the temperature in the room. The location of the sensors responsible for detecting the temperature can have a great impact. To get a more precise reading of the temperature in a room or in your home, be sure to place the thermostat at a central location. Keeping the thermostat away from ‘hot spots,’ such as windows, walls with high sun exposure or hot lights, will help your system run more efficiently.

Keep it Clean

Making sure the filters are clean is an easy way to ensure our systems are operating efficiently

One of the easiest ways to ensure our air conditioners are running efficiently is to clean or replace the filters. This will allow air to flow smoothly throughout the system and also provide cleaner air to the home.



The Higher the Better

Because hot air rises, it is better to direct cool air from the system up higher into the room. The natural circulation of air in the room will help distribute cool air more evenly and create a more comfortable environment while saving your system from overworking.


Just because the temperature is rising doesn’t mean our electricity bills have to go through the roof as well. Making a few adjustments when using our air conditioners can make a difference and provide some relief for our bank accounts. Let’s stay comfortable this summer with a cool home and cash to spare.

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