Greener LG with Therma V R32 Split

For those of us looking to get the most out of our HVAC systems, we value efficiency, performance and versatility along with eco-conscious solutions. With this in mind, LG has delivered the newest in its lineup of Therma V solutions with the LG Therma V R32 Split heating and hot water system. Targeted at new and renovated applications, this compact unit is bringing us an Air to Water Heat Pump (AWHP) that ticks all the boxes. Not only does the LG Therma V R32 Split provide the efficiency, performance and convenience we expect from LG, it also meets the requirements for eco-friendly standards being set around the world.

The Refrigerant of the Future

One of the most significant features of the Therma V R32 Split is its use of R32 refrigerant. LG has taken the next step in ecological responsibility by replacing R410A with R32. Whether you are a building owner, property developer, homeowner or potential buyer, implementation of R32 is very important. Under new F-gas legislation set by the European Union, all AWHPs are required to us R32. The F-gas Regulation went into effect in 2006 and was revised in 2014. While F-gases, or fluorinated gases, do not damage the ozone layer, they remain in the atmosphere and contribute to the greenhouse effect. R32 refrigerant has Global Warming Potential (GWP) that is 70% lower than R410A and requires 20% less gas to produce the same performance. R32 makes the Therma V R32 Split a more energy-efficient heating solution that is compliant with F-gas regulations. The efficiency made possible with R32 allows the Therma V R32 Split achieve a potential Season Coefficient of Performance (SCOP) of 4.65 while heating with an ErP rating of A+++.

The R1 Compressor combines with R32 for a more efficient and eco-conscious solution

The R1 Compressor Delivers

Aside from a more efficient and environmentally responsible refrigerant, the Therma V R32 Split also offers features that boost efficiency, performance and flexibility. The reliable R1 Compressor is shaft-through hybrid scroll-shaped compressor that was developed by LG and is a first of its kind. This compressor combines elements of both scroll-type and rotary-type compressors to maximize performance and efficiency. LG’s innovative shaft-through technology eliminates the tilt effect when the compressor is rotating, which reduces energy waste while improving durability and reliability.

The R1 Compressor boasts shaft-through technology for better efficiency and durability

Convenience and Ease

In addition, the Therma V R32 Split includes the RS3 remote controller that makes checking the operating status, scheduling and adjusting energy consumption to reduce operating costs convenient and easy. Users are also able to utilize the Wi-Fi module to connect through LG’s ThinQ mobile app to access most functions and control available from the Therma V R32 Split’s control panel. This access through mobile devices allows users to conveniently manage the unit from anywhere at any time.

Comprehensive connectivity with the Therma V R32 Split puts control right in your hands

As many industries are looking to provide eco-conscious solutions, LG has managed to offer a green heating and hot water solution without sacrificing performance or convenience. The LG Therma V R32 Split has it all with efficient operation, unparalleled performance and convenient control while providing a green solution that reduces the emission of harmful gases. Keep a lookout for the Therma V R32 Split as it forges the future of AWHP technology.

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