LG Inverter Single Packaged Solution Ticks All the Boxes

When looking to purchase and install a new commercial HVAC system, most building owners and administrators understand the importance of factors such as performance, efficiency and system control. However, in today’s fast-paced environment, saving time and streamlining processes are invaluable not only to building administration but to installers and service engineers as well. While LG’s Inverter Single Packaged HVAC solution delivers the unparalleled performance, top-rated efficiency and comprehensive control that we expect from LG Air Solution, it also adds ease, convenience and flexibility in installation and maintenance. This flexible and streamlined system will quickly become the ideal solution for large commercial spaces, including shopping malls, factories and warehouses.

The Inverter Single Packaged solution delivers the total package in an HVAC solution

LG Efficiency, Performance and Control You can Depend On

To find out what makes the Inverter Single Packaged solution the premiere commercial HVAC solution, let’s start with efficiency. The Single Packaged solution comes fit with 2 inverter compressors that optimize system efficiency and reduce energy consumption by adjusting the power supply to match the required operation load. Linear control also delivers optimal cooling for a partial load operation, a broader operational range and an Integrated Energy Efficiency Rating (IEER) of up to 18.1. As far as performance is concerned, the Inverter Single Packaged solution features the world’s first 25RT heat pump with Direct Drive fan and motor. LG’s beltless BLDC motor structure also provides more dependable, efficient and longer-lasting performance. With the Smart Control function, facility administrators can program the External Static Pressure (ESP) and manage airflow remotely to regulate air supply throughout the entire facility from a central location. These features are what those in the know expect from LG HVAC solutions.

E.S.P. control function can make air volume controlled easily with remote controller

Flexibility, Convenience and Intuition set the Inverter Single Packaged Solution Apart

What really makes the Inverter Single Packaged system a one-of-a-kind solution is its revolutionary flexibility and convenience for installation and maintenance. Building administrators love it for its energy efficiency and performance, but installers love it for making their lives easier and their use of time more effective. Equipped with the Direct Drive fan and motor, the Inverter Single Packaged solution lessens the installer’s heavy burden, making the whole installation process far more convenient. Other systems require separate installation for the fan and motor.

Easy access to components makes maintenance much more convenient

A hinged access door also makes installation and maintenance much more convenience. A redesigned chassis with pop nuts helps speed up the installation process and contributes to greater durability. The BLDC motor adds to the convenience of maintaining the system as it has fewer moving components and requires fewer service calls over the longer system lifespan. Meanwhile, a sliding-type filter promises hassle-free removal and reinsertion can be cleaned with only water with no special equipment and no long, drawn-out processes required. The Inverter Single Packaged solution offers system administrators and designers the advantage of flexibility in installation and configuration. Ducts can be installed in various directions, with all available configurations providing the same excellent level of performance.

The Inverter Single Packaged solution makes a wide range of installation configurations possible

LG Air Solution is in the business of innovating HVAC solutions to meet the unique needs of each of its diverse customers. With flexibility and convenience added to the efficiency and performance of LG’s solutions, system administrators and installers alike are saving time and money through the installation process and operation. The LG Inverter Single Packaged solution is set to go beyond the call of duty with linear inverter technology, providing efficiency and durability throughout the operational life of the system.


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