LG Exhibits Innovative HVAC Solutions at 2019 AHR Expo

ATLANTA, Jan. 14, 2019 Air conditioning technologies leader LG Electronics ushered in the New Year with its broad 2019 lineup of commercial, light commercial and residential HVAC solutions – including industry-leading variable refrigerant flow (VRF) technology, customizable and flexible control systems, powerful new heating capabilities and variety of design tools – all on display at the 2019 AHR Expo in Atlanta.


The centerpiece of LG’s commercial HVAC solutions at this year’s show was a robust enhancement to its flagship Multi VTM 5 air-source VRF system to include LGRED° technology. Also featured at AHR Expo were new and award-winning products, including the upgraded Vertical Air Handler Unit (VAHU), advanced AC Smart 5 Controller, redesigned High Static Ducted indoor unit and the innovative Air Handler Unit (AHU) Conversion Kit was named as a Finalist for an AHR Innovation Award.


“LG is committed to propelling the industry forward with limitless vision and innovative, powerful technologies to deliver a complete solution to our partners and customers,” said Kevin McNamara, senior vice president and general manager, Air Conditioning Technologies, LG Electronics USA. “With the 2019 AHR Expo taking place near our hometown, we will be showcasing our most advanced lineup of heating and cooling solutions, innovative controls and industry-leading tools for commercial and residential applications, in 2019 and beyond.”


Attendees of the world’s largest industry trade show for HVAC engineers, contractors, distributors and other trade professionals visiting LG’s booth C7209 were able to interact with the latest LG air conditioning technologies and award-winning products.


* The following products and services are exclusive to the US market and may vary in other regions



Advanced and Versatile Control Capabilities

LG SmartThinQ®

On display at AHR Expo 2019 were various models of indoor units that are now Wi-Fi capable and controllable using the LG SmartThinQ app. Now users have the freedom of controlling their home’s precise comfort from their fingertips alongside other SmartThinQ-enabled LG devices, such as refrigerators, ranges, washing machines and robotic vacuums.


LG MultiSITE VM3 Building Management Solution

The LG MultiSITE VM3 is a building management solution that maximizes the sophistication of control in each building system for cohesive building operation and synergistic performance. Utilizing the open Niagara framework, owners can tailor and customize their building’s operation to improve efficiency, minimize operational costs, and maximize comfort.


LG MultiSITE Communications Manager

The award-winning LG MultiSITE Communications Manager integrates the power of LG VRF technology into an existing third-party building management system. For the first time ever, a control framework directly integrates with a VRF system; eliminating the need for an additional third-party gateway.


LG MultiSITE Remote Controller

The LG MultiSITE Remote Controller is an intuitive control panel featuring a customizable screen and configurable functionality to meet the requirements of each installation. In addition to the flexibility of the user interface, the LG MultiSITE Remote Controller uses its onboard BACnet MS/TP to directly integrate into a building management system.


LG Air Handler Unit Conversion Kit (AHU)

The LG AHU Conversion Kit allows for third-party air handling units (AHU) or direct expansion (DX) coils to be seamlessly integrated with any LG Multi V condensing unit, thereby maximizing the performance of the system and capitalizing on the efficiencies of LG VRF technology.


LG AC Smart 5 Controller

Debuted at AHR 2019 was the next generation of LG’s advanced VRF controls, the AC Smart 5 remote controller. With its new HTML5-based graphical user interface, the AC Smart 5 provides an intuitive way to monitor and control LG air conditioning units and LG RT DOAS whether on the integrated 10.2-inch LCD touchscreen or via the user’s preferred web browser.



Innovative LG Technology: Indoor and Outdoor Solutions


LG Multi V 5 now with LGRED° Technology

Launched at AHR Expo 2019, the flagship product in LG’s state-of-the-art air-source VRF systems, the Multi V 5 now boasts an expanded operating range to work in ambient conditions down to 22°F with the addition of LGRED° heat technology making it the ideal year-round VRF solution.


LG Heat Recovery Units

A recent addition to the LG line is the redesigned Heat Recovery Units for commercial applications. The new design features vertically aligned refrigerant inputs allowing for greater ease of installation while substantially improving design flexibility


LG Rooftop Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (RT DOAS)

LG’s latest rooftop dedicated outdoor air systems (RT DOAS) offer building owners and facility managers the ability to seamlessly implement a complete end-to-end LG HVAC system. Available now in a wide range of capacities, LG RT DOAS units are available up to 70 tons and are configured to be easily compatible with LG VRF systems and LG MultiSITE controls.


LG Multi V S

LG is showcased the Multi V S, a compact, 5-ton heat recovery unit and a 5-ton single-phase VRF heat pump counterpart for the Multi V S lineThe Multi V S, a compact, 5-ton heat recovery unit that operates on single-phase power, is designed to provide excellent energy efficiency and the versatility of simultaneous heating and cooling.


LG Multi F and Multi F MAX

At the core of LG’s AHR Expo residential and light commercial display was the LG Multi F series, including the Multi F and the Multi F MAX outdoor unit, which are both available with LGRED° heat technology.


High Static Ducted Indoor Unit

LG’s newly redesigned high static ducted units were debuted at AHR 2019. With a cleaner chassis design, the LG high static ducted units have a reduced height and overall width with the control box enabling for maximized design space.


LG Vertical Air Handler Unit (VAHU)

Previewed at AHR 2019 were LG’s latest vertical air handling units (VAHUs) for ducted residential and light commercial applications. Providing superior design flexibility of the four-way installation capabilities (vertically, horizontally from the left or right, or inverted with a down flow conversion kit), the new VAHUs now features a constant CFM motor which maintains a constant air flow for better efficiency and comfort.


LG Art Cool Mirror

Featuring a sleek, charcoal mirror finish the Art Cool Mirror is a modern, high design option that complements almost all interior aesthetics. Featuring a redesigned chassis, the new Art Cool Mirror packs more punch with built-in Wi-Fi capability and SmartThinQ compatibility.


LG Art Cool Gallery

Marrying efficiency and design, the duct-free LG Art Cool Gallery provides owners the opportunity to express an individual sense of style while cooling or heating multiple rooms. This innovative indoor model allows the user to display an image in the customizable frame.

With their wide-ranging and innovative solutions exhibited at 2019 AHR Expo, LG demonstrated their continued commitment to providing the best for their customers. 2019 AHR Expo was an immense success and LG provided visitors with some of the more engaging and progressive solutions on the market. For more information on LG products featured at the 2019 AHR Expo and a complete portfolio of LG’s air conditioning systems, visit lghvac.com.

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