Big Data, the HVAC Big Bang!

Big Data has become an essential part of nearly every major technology product and service on the market today. At LG, we embrace the role Big Data plays in improving services and helping us provide our customers with the best solutions available. That’s why we’ve been working together with our Air Solution Service Business Execution Division in charge of HVAC services to advance our Big Data analysis services and formally launched our B2B HVAC Service in May of 2018. With Korea as a test market, we were able to confirm the value of implementing Big Data analysis. We are now planning to expand this proven service into 10 different countries beginning with Vietnam and Indonesia. In this Big Data letter, we will introduce this B2B HVAC service that is expanding globally.

Introducing LG’s B2B Service solution at 2018 Korea Energy Show

Big Data Based B2B HVAC Service?

Big Data based B2B HVAC Service is not merely a reactive service that begins after a customer reports that an issue has occurred at a facility. It is a proactive service that analyses data such as usage patterns and outdoor environments to prevent product failure before it happens. This type of proactive service allows customers to receive detailed facility management and safety from experts. Also, as product value increases, trust in the LG brand also improves while our business performance is boosted through improved preventative maintenance. B2B HVAC service provides a customer report for ‘smart proactive service’ and preventative maintenance. Now, let’s look at the benefits offered by each service.

Fault Diagnosis and ‘Smart Proactive Service’ Through Big Data

‘Proactive service’ is a service that performs comprehensive analysis of various data such as facility operating conditions and the outdoor environment to provide detailed monitoring of indicators that an issue has occurred at the facility. The service then actively responds to the indication. Through our ‘Intellytics’, a central monitoring analysis system, when an issue occurs at a facility, the messenger system sends a notification to the system engineers at each service center and the issue is resolved within 24 hours.

But what does ‘smart proactive service’ really mean to the customer? In a survey, customers rated their satisfaction with our ‘smart proactive service’ a 96 out of 100 possible points, demonstrating that they feel ‘smart proactive service’ adds value to their business.

As our B2B HVAC Service continues to expand globally, keep a look out for the even more comprehensive role it can play in advancing your business.

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