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Women’s Day 2018: Are Women in HVAC the Future of the Industry?

A lot of women don’t see the opportunities that exist, and they’re not around enough…

LG VRF Technology is Revolutionizing the High-End Housing Market

VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) HVAC technology has made a substantial impact in the commercial sector by giving…

The Effects of the Unseen

LG’s MULTI V 5 Ocean Black Fin is Built for the Long Haul

Uninterrupted Winter Comfort

Innovative Heating Technology from LG Brings Greater Comfort and Energy Savings     While the…

Technological Connection Between Dual Sensing and Relative Humidity

Humidity is something we are used to hearing about in daily weather reports. High humidity contributes to…

The Nature of Design

Biology, Technology Come Together to Enhance Performance and Capacity in Next-generation Climate Solutions In the modern age of…

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