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LG’s MULTI V 5 Ocean Black Fin is Built for the Long Haul

As populations rise across the globe, coastal areas are emerging as hubs of growth in a trend that transcends national borders. Coastal population as a percentage of the total population is even higher in developed countries such as the United States. With expanded cities and preplanned developments (such as resorts) on the rise, the need for products tailored to these communities has never been greater. Whether moving to a new city or simply buying up coastal property for development, many remain unaware of the unique challenges posed by such close proximity to the ocean.

The sea breezes that many find so attractive can often bring in more than fresh ocean smells. While manmade pollution is often the first threat that comes to mind when considering air quality, there are a number of naturally occurring elements found near the ocean that also pose a risk to buildings and complex components. For example, the salt-laden seawater mist prevalent in coastal areas can be just as harmful as industrial emissions to the HVAC systems that many depend on for climate control. Salt contamination and industrial emissions will accelerate corrosion in these advanced solutions. This has led to the development of cutting-edge corrosion resistant equipment to ensure that HVAC systems are able to operate in these coastal settings.
These safeguards are a necessity in locations close to the sea as high salinity in the air causes metal to corrode at a faster rate. This corrosion primarily affects the outdoor unit of air conditioner, turning sleek and shiny heat exchangers into a rusted clogged mess. In addition to its negative cosmetic impact, even the mildest corrosion affects the efficiency of the entire solution.
Prolonged exposure has a profound impact on efficiency, and once corrosion becomes too severe, owners need to start thinking about replacing their solutions. Increasing hand-in-hand with the dependence on climate control solutions are advances in corrosion protection technology that allows these systems to excel in areas with high concentrations of corrosive substances.

Furthermore, the environmental and financial pitfalls of heightened pollution also have the potential to reverse decades of progress in raising standards of living around the globe. LG’s MULTI V 5 Ocean Black Fin heat exchanger is a leading example of the new technologies which have been devised to tackle these problems head on. Designed for enhanced corrosion resistance and long-lasting performance, LG’s exclusive “Ocean Black Fin” heat exchanger brings durability and long-lasting performance even in environments that are packed with corrosive elements. This coating offers strong protection from various corrosive external substances and is complimented by a hydrophilic film which keeps water from accumulating on the heat exchanger’s fin to minimize moisture buildup. This cuts off a primary cause of corrosion, greatly reducing repair costs. The improved durability offered by the Ocean Black Fin gives the MULTI V 5 an extended lifespan while also lowering operational and maintenance costs.

The MULTI V 5 is designed from the ground up to offer durability. Though most conventional models operate with a 3-sided heat exchanger, the LG MULTI V 5 boasts an impressive 4-sided heat exchanger. In addition, its trademark black coating is composed of an enhanced epoxy resin to protect vital components robust protection from various corrosive external elements such as airborne salt and pollution. LG’s corrosion resistance technologies allowed the MULTI V to pass the ISO accelerated corrosion test conducted by an independent test organization. The results of this test where then validated by the prestigious global certification organization, UL (Underwriters Laboratories).
Pollution comes in many forms, with each representing distinct threats. As our understanding of pollution and its effects continues to expand, multi-faceted solutions like the LG MULTI V 5’s Ocean Black Fin present our best hope for those living and working in coastal or industrial environments with high levels of salinity, humidity, and pollution. Extending the lifespan of climate control solutions makes them more affordable for all, while paving the way forward to a more efficient future.

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