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To Inspire a Generation: World Youth Skills Day

We’re all familiar with the expression ‘children are…

LG Targets the North American HVAC Market with HVAC Solutions Specialized for the Region

LG Electronics demonstrated its products specialized for the North American market at the world’s largest HVAC exhibition,…

Advanced HVAC Solutions Put Users First

Intuitive Interfaces Combine with Powerful Components to Increase Comfort and Convenience for Building Occupants Upholding the…

LG HVAC Hospitality Solution is Waiting to Make you Feel at Home Wherever You Are

As we all know, HVAC control solutions are a complex and essential part of building management systems….

LG HVAC Solutions Provide the Technology for LEED Certification

As efforts to reduce the human carbon footprint on the planet continue, governments, companies, and individuals are…

How LG is Enriching the Booming BPO Industry in the Philippines

As business models around the world continue to evolve and global connectivity continues to increase, many companies…

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