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As we all know, HVAC control solutions are a complex and essential part of building management systems. They provide precise control and efficiency to the environment of a building and can be specifically customized to suit the specific needs of different architectures and spaces. Hotels offer unique challenges in heating and cooling with spaces such as lobbies, guest rooms, dining areas, conference rooms, spas and indoor swimming pools. Let’s find out how LG HVAC control solutions can meet these challenges and deliver comfortable hotel environments for guests, visitors, and employees.

A visitor’s first impression of a hotel goes a long way in creating a comfortable visit through their stay. The LG Multi V air conditioning systems and air handling units provide efficient heating, cooling, and ventilation in large spaces such as lobbies and conference rooms.


LG HVAC control solution optimizes guest room environments


LG HVAC control systems can be activated as soon as a guest arrives to ensure that their room is at a comfortable temperature once the guest enters the room. The guest’s experience in their room is most important in providing a comfortable stay in a hotel and LG HVAC control solutions offer comprehensive controls for guest rooms to create energy efficient comfort in each individual room. Concealed low-noise ducts provide flexibility in room designs while the Multi V smart load control delivers a consistent stream of air throughout rooms that optimize guest comfort and energy savings. Intuitive LG control interfaces also provide temperature and humidity displays to give the guest complete control over the room environment. The system can also be inter-linked with dry contact key applications to reduce excess energy consumption when guests leave their rooms.


Diverse facility environments are easy to many with LG HVAC solutions


Conference rooms, dining areas, spas and indoor swimming pool facilities require independent air conditioning systems that can include ducted, cassette and ERV solutions. LG HVAC solutions offer unique designs and customizable configurations to meet the needs of these spaces. The LG Multi V heat recovery system can harness excess heat from indoor units and channel this heat to the Hydro Kit system and produce water temperatures of up to 80°C (176℉) that can be used in kitchens or to heat indoor pools and spas without the expenditure of any extra energy. The heat recovery system also provides simultaneous heating and cooling in individual spaces through the distribution of heat energy.


LG HVAC solutions provide comprehensive system management control


LG HVAC central control systems provide efficient energy control to improve overall efficiency and reduce operational costs. Scheduling can be set in advance for certain times or events and peak wattage functionality can be set to control indoor units. Full power consumption reporting is also available to allow complete monitoring of the entire system and visualized floor plan monitoring gives complete control over each space in the hotel. These applications can also be conveniently controlled and monitored on mobile devices.

LG HVAC control systems offer fully comprehensive solutions that maximize the operational efficiency of hotels and bring complete comfort and satisfaction to guests. Energy efficiency, smart functionality and optimum comfort are what differentiates LG HVAC solutions in the market and make them the efficient and convenient solutions for any hotel.


Watch the video below to find out more about LG HVAC hospitality solutions.

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