How LG is Enriching the Booming BPO Industry in the Philippines

As business models around the world continue to evolve and global connectivity continues to increase, many companies are looking for new ways to improve productivity and efficiency. Companies are finding that there are resources available that they can access to improve economic and logistic efficiency. Outsourcing operations have become a common practice for companies and one of the fastest growing sectors in the Philippines is BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) in the IT industry. The BPO industry not only helps businesses streamline operations but also creates jobs and develops a skilled workforce in developing countries such as the Philippines. Creating comfortable and convenient workspaces for this workforce is essential to the growth of the BPO industry and LG is helping to do just that.

Growth in the Philippines BPO industry


As recent as 2014, the Philippines achieved an all-time high for employment in the BPO industry with employment growth in BPO nearly reaching 1 million employees. BPO industry growth is continuing to exhibit significant development with projected annual expansion rates as high as 20%. The Philippine government is also further promoting growth in the industry through programs that offer tax exemptions and simplified procedures for import and export to companies investing in the BPO industry. Training is also provided for applicants to BPO programs to improve their skills and ability to provide quality services.

Pole results highlighting HVAC related points of interest from the BPO industry


Managing a growing workforce and providing an environment for employees to flourish is a major concern for employers and building managers. As we can see from the pole results above, there are specific concerns and infrastructure issues that BPO service centers consider for their offices. According to the surveys, high efficiency, system reliability and environmentally friendly solutions in HVAC systems rank high as key issues for BPO service centers. Helping BPO service centers manage these issues is paramount to the success of the employees, the service centers, and the BPO industry.


LG Multi V 5


LG HVAC solutions are providing BPO service centers with the HVAC resources they need to resolve their concerns in providing productive and efficient environments for their employees. LG provides total solutions for BPO centers depending on their individual needs. LG solutions also improve energy savings and efficiency to reduce costs and increase productivity. Thorough ventilation, cooling, custom controls and energy recovery are just a few of the advantages the advanced technology of LG HVAC solutions are providing to BPO service centers. The LG Multi V series of system HVAC solutions and their extensive line of indoor units and ventilation systems are improving the working environments for the Philippine BPO industry and helping the BPO industry continue its growth with effective and efficient performance.


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