A Journey of Heritage : Choi Sunu House

Set in the unassuming and winding backstreets of northern Seoul is a small and simple house that is home…

A Journey of Heritage : Andong Gunja Village

  Something is not great because it lasts through the ages, something lasts through the ages because it is great….

How We Survived Without Air Conditioning

It has been claimed, more than once, that air conditioning (AC) is the greatest invention of the 20th century….

How Is the Air Quality in Your Home?

According to Guardian, air pollution caused by road traffic and the burning of fossil fuels is seriously leading to…

The Sirius Star in Tourist Heaven

Many vacation destinations around the world have become bright stars in tourist heaven. But as is the way with…

Why Working out in the Right Climate Makes All the Difference

Training in extreme climates has long been the sign of the most dedicated athletes. Confirming long held…

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