LG Air Solution gets Around with Their New Round Cassette

When a product is designed, performance can often be sacrificed for aesthetic or comfort sacrificed for convenience….

LG Stays Ahead with Compact and Eco-Friendly Multi V S R32

We’ve all heard the expression ‘the best things come in small packages’, but who would have expected…

The Fundamentals of HVAC, LG Air Conditioning Academy

The HVAC industry is continuing to grow and as it grows, it is also offering opportunities to…

LG Inverter Single Packaged Solution Ticks All the Boxes

When looking to purchase and install a new commercial HVAC system, most building owners and administrators understand…

LG Oil-Free Chillers Give Businesses the Power to Stay Ahead

As industries look to make their offerings faster and more accurate, many companies struggle to accomplish both….

Greener LG with Therma V R32 Split

For those of us looking to get the most out of our HVAC systems, we value efficiency,…

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