The Fundamentals of HVAC, LG Air Conditioning Academy

The HVAC industry is continuing to grow and as it grows, it is also offering opportunities to those seeking a fulfilling and lucrative career. As LG provides some of the most innovative HVAC solutions on the market, they also look to develop skilled experts to go out into the field. Working in the HVAC industry requires knowledge and a refined set of skills in order to succeed, and LG strives to provide the necessary education and experience to technicians and engineers. LG offers cutting-edge training at education facilities around the world and today, we will be looking at their head quarter academy in South Korea.

The Changwon Academy provides support to the over 70 HVAC Academies across the world


The Air Conditioning Academy in Changwon, South Korea was established in 2001. The academy was founded to sure that the best in practical training, support and skill sets are provided to professionals in the HVAC industry. Students are sales reps and installers that work with the approximately 640 sales stores and 3,000 installation specialist shops in Korea. Education and training are offered that cover VRF system selection, installation practices and service for the entire LG HVAC product range.

The academy also works closely with Polytechnic universities and other institutions to procure the best instructors and provide a comprehensive education system. The academy has continued to provide future HVAC specialists the tools to succeed in their ambitions. We had the chance to visit the Air Conditioning Academy in Changwon and learn about how they position future LG HVAC specialists to accomplish their goals in the field and provide customers with the best service possible.

Classroom time with instructors allows for in-depth study and analysis of system operations

Hands-on experience with the latest technology prepares professionals for work in the field

Training on Another Plane

Under the fundamental goal of ensuring the best practical training support and skills for their customers, LG Air Conditioning Academy provides students with exclusive access to training and information only available through the LG education system. This innovative platform includes the expertise of the professional staff accompanied by an application showroom, lecture room and training room facilities with the HVAC markets latest technology. Consultants, dealers and specialized professionals working in the field are given hands-on experience in the implementation processes of the products’ installation, operation, and centralized network solution under the guidance of professional experts. Engineers are also able to thoroughly learn each step of the construction, installation and implementation processes from experts with extensive experience in real-life applications. With the full lineup of indoor and outdoor units installed and connected, engineers and technicians are provided firsthand training and experience that they can practically apply across all verticals as soon as they go out into the field. The personnel and data resources found at Air Conditioning Academy go beyond anything offered at other academies. This academy also provides support to HVAC trainees at other LG Air Conditioning Academies around the world.

Whisen Park offers the opportunity to experience LG HVAC products across a range of verticals

Experience the Innovation

Alongside the Air Conditioning Academy in Changwon is the Whisen Park, which offers an exhibition space that visitors can explore to learn more about LG HVAC solutions. Not only does the Whisen Park provide a wealth of information, but it also provides functioning installations of LG HVAC products that cover a wide range of exhibits for commercial and residential applications.

Through a wealth of resources and knowhow, the Changwon Air Conditioning Academy, is delivering expert training to LG and LG partner personnel that is pushing individuals to succeed and bringing satisfaction to LG customers in Korea and around the world. LG’s expertise in HVAC begins in Changwon and distributed to LG specialists and partners to ensure professional installations, higher system performance and more comprehensive service.

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