The End Game: HVAC Engineering Tools to Suit the Professionals (Part 3 of 4)


If you’ve been following this series on the resources and tools provided by LG for their valued partners, then you already have an idea about our efforts to help our partners succeed.

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The End Game: Portal to Success (Part 2 of 4)

In the second part of this series, we discussed the Partner Portal and the resources it makes available. In this installment, we will cover the dynamic engineering tools our partners are able to access for more thorough and professional service. This is a robust set of engineering tools, so get ready to dive into this wealth of information that will raise your performance to a new level.

LATS ENERGY (Energy Estimation)

The LG Air Solution Business Unit developed LATS ENERGY as a simple and quick energy estimation program that provides annual energy usage and lifecycle cost analysis for LG products in the early stages of a project. Partners can obtain results with the simple selection of a project’s region, equipment usage schedules and applied products. This solution provides partners or sales with the ability to easily estimate the optimal system configuration for reducing energy consumption and operating costs.

Energy Modeling Simulation

Energy modeling is an objective evaluation tool for multi-purpose in various fields by simulating building energy consumptions, including HVAC system consumptions. LG provides partners with the energy modeling report about how much energy savings from LG HVAC systems against conventional HVAC systems, libraries of LG VRF systems that can be used in conjunction with commercial annual energy consumption estimation programs, including eQUEST®, EnergyPlus™, TRNSYS, etc., modeling guides, which helps consultant or engineers properly model VRF systems with those programs, and white paper documents that shows energy efficiency of LG VRF system. LG supports our partners through the design development and construction design stages of each project. Implementation of LG energy modeling enhances the performance of our partners for more precise and reliable energy consumption document and more efficient HVAC system installations.

*The simulation above is based on results from a specific case. Results vary depending on region, conditions and products, so please contact your local office for more information.

3D rendering and analysis with energy modeling for an office case in Toronto, Canada

LATS HVAC (Model Selection)

LATS HVAC is a fully integrated model selection program for LG HVAC products. The program assists in quickly and accurately selecting the most suitable product model for each installation site. In addition to the model selection application, LATS HVAC also offers faster estimations for refrigerant piping diameters and refrigerant quantities as well as piping lengths with user typed distance. But LG provides complete support beyond just this dynamic tool. When partners provide us with the load calculation for a new installation, they receive full reports for equipment selection, piping, accessories, refrigerant volumes and equipment diagrams to ensure the most effective and efficient products for each installation scenario.


Tree view of LATS HVAC unit configuration

LATS CAD (2D Drawing)

LATS CAD is an LG HVAC technical solution offering an array of functions that can reduce drawing and design time by as much as 80%. In comparison to using conventional AutoCAD only, using LATS CAD, which is a plug-in tool for AutoCAD, makes the design of LG HVAC products and systems much faster and more accurate. Beyond mere design applications, the solution also provides installation reviews with estimations for refrigerant piping diameters and piping lengths under the LG’s design guide. Partners can also access full reports and additional floor plans, system diagrams and equipment scheduling. With this comprehensive LATS CAD platform, our partners can save time in executing system design and deliver more accurate estimations for system configurations.


LATS REVIT is an LG 3D HVAC design program that integrates with REVIT™. REVIT™ is software built especially for Building Information Modeling (BIM).

With LATS REVIT, engineers are able to access 3D imaging during the design stage of an installation in order to prevent complications during the actual installation. The intuitive system offers 3D view for both the indoor and outdoor sections of an installation. LATS REVIT offers partners the tools for streamlined BIM integration and complete 3D image simulations for better comprehension of system configurations.


CFD Analysis

In designing an HVAC system, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis is an integral tool for determining the optimal performance of the system. With the LG CFD Analysis report, engineers are able to determine whether product can perform properly under specific conditions. These simulations give engineers and project administrators the advantage of previous estimation of the possible wrong installation that could cause product malfunction.


Airflow simulation for different installation conditions

Noise Analysis

LMS Virtual. Lab Ray acoustics are acoustic design and analysis software platforms that make it possible to run acoustic simulations and predict the sound field produced by products or systems in a 3-dimensional space. With this software, partners can receive the report of the expected noise levels of LG products and the effect the noise will have on building in the surrounding area. This information can be implemented to reduce noise pollution in the vicinity of each installation and improve understanding of how HVAC systems impact their surrounding environments.

Noise projection analysis in LG noise analysis software


These engineering tools are assisting our partner engineers around the world, and we are confident they will continue to help even more of our partners going forward. We developed these tools to elevate the performance of our partner engineers and make their jobs easier. In the final part of this series, we will take a closer look at the mobile applications we provide for our partners on the move. Check back in to learn more about the impact these apps are having.

*Products and solutions may vary according to country and operating conditions. Please click the 'INQUIRY TO BUY' banner below to contact your local LG office for further information on solutions and products.


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