The End Game: Portal to Success (Part 2 of 4)

In the first part of this series, we briefly discussed the resources and tools that LG provides for valued partners. Now, we would like to take a more in-depth look at the LG B2B Partner Portal website and LG CAC Partner application along with the information made available. From product documentation and reference site data to training material and support, the LG B2B Partner Portal website and CAC Partner application are giving our partners the edge they need to provide more comprehensive and competitive services. Join us as we explore the wealth of information that is the LG B2B Partner Portal.

Explore the in-depth information available on the LG B2B Partner Portal website

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The Product tab on the LG B2B Partner Portal directs our partners to informative websites that offer product information or blog content that will help them better understand our products. Through this tab, partners can check the advantages and highlights of each product. This information will allow anyone from a technician to a system administrator to better comprehend the features of the products, the type of installations most suitable for the products and the models available for each product. Blog content available through the Product tab will also help in grasping issues in the industry and the needs of customers.

Document Library

The Document Library is rich with information including technical data, manuals, marketing material and software specifications. Included in the technical data are sheets with product specifications, product development history and other in-depth specialized and technical information. Detailed installation manuals, service manuals and user guides are also shared to give technicians and engineers the resources they need to fully comprehend all matters related to LG Air Solution Product. The marketing material available is ideal for sales and marketing operations with catalogues, high-resolution product images and product demonstrations. Software specifications provide data on updates and modifications to software and applications to keep our partner engineers up to speed on the latest developments in our systems.


For those looking to advance themselves and their abilities, the training section is a great place to start. This portion of the LG B2B Partner Portal gives information on training facilities, offers training material right from the website and provides access to the Learning-Net system. LG HVAC academies are located around the world where technicians and engineers can access the training they need to succeed. The LG B2B Partner Portal hosts information on where each of these academies is located along with contact information so that our partners can find an academy near them and reach out to get their journey in HVAC started. The training material is excellent for getting up to speed on technical aspects of the job and as a refresher for upcoming jobs. Learning-Net is an online education system providing learning materials and courses accessible from anywhere.


The Support section of the LG B2B Partner Portal is where you can find regional contact details for local support. Partners can also ask detailed questions and receive answers from specialists. Furthermore, this section has information on the locations of manufacturing facilities and a space where partners can check for upcoming events and the latest LG Air Solution news.

The Partner Program

When our partners succeed, we succeed. That is why LG is all about giving our partners the upper hand. Our goal is to help our partners attain their goals in marketing, sales and all aspects of LG product integration. By building a relationship of support with partners, all of us can maintain strong and profitable results for our businesses. While each market has its own needs and unique characteristics, we aim to provide localized resources to support every stage of business for our valued partners. This is the reason why we developed the LG B2B Partner Portal and engineering tools. However, the Partner Program varies for each country, so please contact your local office representative for details about the program in your region.

LG CAC Partner Application

A teaser clip of the LG CAC Partner application

The LG CAC Partner application provides the resources of the LG B2B Partner Portal all from your mobile device. Through this application, our partners in the field are able to access Technical Data, and Marketing Data, which we will discuss in detail in the last part of our series.

Access to product documentation, spec sheet, an error code library, refrigerant additional amount simulation and unit conversions are also available to technicians and engineers while in the field.

Once our partners have joined the LG B2B Partner Portal, they can download and login to the LG CAC Partner application to find everything they need. Once any file or documentation has been downloaded, the files can then be accessed at any time even without internet connectivity through the File Management section.

*Further information on the LG CAC Partner application will appear in part 4 of the series. So stay tuned!

As you can see, the LG B2B Partner Portal website and LG CAC Partner application are essentially valuable tools in their own right. In the next part in this series, we will take a look at the engineering tools available and see how they go beyond just resources and actually provide tools that engineers can use to perfect their trade. Keep a look out for the next article in this series and see the true power of LG engineering tools.

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