The End Game: LG HVAC Keeps You Covered (Part 1 of 4)

LG Air Solution strives to provide our partners with the resources to succeed and, in turn, provide better services. With this in mind, LG has been focusing not only on our products, but also on engineering support throughout the HVAC business process. Our partners are able to experience these efforts through the LG B2B Partner Portal, engineering tools and applications, which allow consultants and engineers to excel in their endeavors and perform to the best of their potential. In this series, we would like to give an introduction to the platforms and tools that are already bringing our partners up to the highest standard.

A Portal of Resources


The B2B Partner Portal website provides our partners with a wealth of resources to give them the competitive edge and make their lives easier. Partners can access and download documentation for marketing material, detailed product data, reference sites, case studies, and technical manuals for our products and solutions.

Engineering Tools are the Keys to Your Success

In addition to the material available on the Partner Portal site, LG also offers engineering tools to provide a new level of support to partners. The engineering tools include analysis, computations, simulations and modeling resources to give engineers and consultants the opportunity to approach each operation as a well-equipped specialist.

CFD Analysis
Analysis of product performance under specific conditions

Energy Modeling Simulation
Analysis of total building energy consumption, including HVAC system operations

LATS HVAC (Model Selection)
Quick and accurate selection for LG Air Solution products and components, including piping and configurations

LATS CAD (2D Drawing)
Quick and accurate system design on 2D CAD

LATS CAD (3D Drawing)
Quick and Accurate system design on 3D Revit with BIM support

LATS Energy
Quick estimations of energy consumption and savings for LG Air Solution products

Applications for all Occasions

Diverse apps provided by LG HVAC also offer technicians tools to implement in the field with instant calculations and reference materials that can expedite their services and provide customers with a more satisfactory experience.

CAC Partner
Access to the wide range of support material available on the Partner Portal website

Smart Inverter Payback
Calculation of energy savings over any paybackfor LG single inverter products

Connectivity and integration of all IoT enabled LG products

Maintenance and troubleshooting tools for LG commercial and residential HVAC units


With the unlimited resources available on the LG B2B Partner Portal, our partners have convenient access to all the tools they need. These tools help each of us bring a higher level of service to customers with more insightful and informed work processes. In the next part of this series, we will take a closer look at the LG B2B Partner Portal website and its application discussed above and how it can be utilized to support our partner engineers and consultants. Stay tuned for more on the power of the LG B2B Partner Portal.

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