The End Game: Apps for the HVAC Chaps (Part 4 of 4)

Throughout this series, we’ve been introducing the Partner Portal and engineering tools provided by LG to support our valued partners.

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In this part of the series, we will discuss the mobile applications that are putting the tools our partners need right in their hands. These apps cover a wide range of information and there is an app with the right application for almost anyone of our partners, whether they are working in sales and marketing or out on site in the field. Explore the mobile apps offered by LG and see how they are helping our partners around the world.

LG CAC Partner

LG CAC Partner applicationDownload

As you may have seen in the second part of this series, the CAC Partner app accesses the resources on the LG B2B Partner Portal from the application on a mobile device. Once our partners have accessed the B2B Partner Portal, they can also access the CAC Partner app and find the documentation, tools and functions they need. Through this application, our partners in the field are able to obtain technical data, including technical bulletins, product data books, troubleshooting documentations and CFD analysis cases. Marketing data such as catalogs, videos and proposals are also available through the application. Included in this data are product documentation, spec sheet, an error code library, additional refrigerant volume simulations and unit conversions. A feature that makes this app particularly useful for technicians in the field is the ability to access the documentation at any time even without internet connectivity once that documentation has been downloaded in the app. Partners can have any time access to the following documentation through the application:

Technical Data – Technical bulletins, product data books, troubleshooting documentations, CFD analysis cases and refrigerant simulations

Marketing Data – Catalogs, videos and proposals

An installing QR code for Android
LG CAC Partner Application for Android

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LG CAC Partner Application for iOS

Smart Inverter Payback

Smart Inverter Payback ApplicationDownload

*Products that are available for energy saving calculation with the Smart Inverter Payback application vary according to your country. Contact your local LG representative office for more information.

The Smart Inverter Payback app allows technicians and engineers to calculate energy savings and, payback period provided by LG Inverter Single Split, Single Package and residential wall-mounted unit, comparing with other constant speed models. A partner sales representative or engineer needs to only enter their region, product type, operating conditions (temperature, operating schedule), product price and product efficiency for the LG inverter and constant speed models to calculate savings and payback period. The results are calculated based on the data input by users. The load ratio based on the set temperature of the products and outdoor temperature conditions is calculated and used in estimations of hourly power consumption for the LG inverter and constant speed models. With this information, the app can provide annual power consumption data with energy costs based on local electricity rates. Once these calculations have been completed, sales representatives or engineers can obtain energy and cost savings that predict how long it will take to recoup initial investments.


SmartThinQ creates a smart connectivity network between all LG SmartThinQ devices

If you’ve been following our blog, then you’ve probably come across SmartThinQ technology at some point in your reading. This application allows users to connect to any of the LG devices and appliances throughout their home through Wi-Fi right from their mobile device. SmartThinQ creates a comprehensive smart integration connectivity system. The app allows connectivity to LG devices and appliances including speakers, TVs, washing machines and air conditioners. These products can then be controlled and monitored for more complete operation and service. SmartThinQ makes interaction with the product more convenient and efficient for both the end user and service engineers.


LGMV makes Multi V service and monitoring more convenient and efficient

LGMV and LG SIMS are both comprehensive solutions for troubleshooting, monitoring and control of operations for LG HVAC systems. LGMV was designed to connect and communicate with LG Multi V air conditioners and LG SIMS was created to connect with LG DFS (Duct-Free Split) HVAC systems. A partner engineer can download the apps on their mobile device and connect a wireless* or wired communications module to the HVAC system to begin receiving data including cycle information, error notifications, and temperatures throughout the system. Information from each of the sensors in the LG Multi V and LG DFS systems gives our partner engineers the confidence to perform their best. If you haven’t accessed these applications yet, get ready to save time and resources with the data necessary to ensure peak operation and service.

*Wireless module capabilities are only available in select regions. Contact your local LG representative office for more information.

This wraps up this series covering the vast resources provided by LG to help our partners succeed and excel. We hope you take advantage of these resources and propel your business forward while providing unparalleled service to customers. We provide this comprehensive support for the success of our business and yours while ensuring the complete satisfaction of the customer. We thank each of our partners and are always here to provide the tools they need.

*Products and solutions may vary according to country and operating conditions. Please click the 'INQUIRY TO BUY' banner below to contact your local LG office for further information on solutions and products.


Please contact us for more information on the product and we will get in touch with you soon.

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