[Multi V 5] Endorser Movie

Endorser Movie_Europe

From an installer to architect and developer, experts from various countries in Europe share their experience with LG VRF system. Watch to see their great anticipation for new Multi V 5 product.

Endorser Movie_France

Bouygues decided to convert their headquarters into an eco-friendly building by significantly reducing its energy footprint. The president of Ferro Engineering speaks about how successful the renovation project was and his great anticipation for upcoming Multi V 5 product.

Endorser Movie_Bulgaria

Sofia tech park in Bulgaria is the first technological park directly supported by Bulgarian government and it has been installed with LG Multi V. LG have met the installer and designer of this site project, and listened to their expectation of next generation of VRF system, the Multi V 5.

Endorser Movie_Spain

Climate control for office and laboratories is always a big challenge. Iberespacio is an aerospace company in Spain, and very flexible and sustainable HVAC control was available by LG VRF system. Watch to why HVAC prescription manager and architect chose LG Multi V and listen to their high expectation on Multi V 5.

Endorser Movie_Poland

LG Multi V system has been installed at Promenady business park in Poland and Promenady Zita gained LEED platinum certificate. In this success story, installer and developer of this project share their satisfied experience on every stage.

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