LG Therma V, Sugar Craft Cake, New year’s greeting

Already a year has passed and jingles greeting the closing month are ringing.
Since the grand opening of our blog, we’ve touched upon various interesting items ranging from LG’s commitment to fresh air to recent HVAC trends such as district cooling and thermal energy storage.
While preparing for yet another successful year filled with trending stories and innovative ideas of LG HVAC, here LG would like to share a special clip as a means of sending our warmest gratitude to your hard endeavours and sincere blessings for the days to come.
Before you watch, what we’ve created is a sugar craft cake. Not sure what that is?
It’s a regular cake delicately covered with edible sugar paste that is dyed and shaped in to various figures such as ribbons. A few examples below will help you get a sense of how perfect these cakes are, especially when celebrating special occasions like birthdays, marriages and even Christmas!

Without further ado, see how LG expresses the joy of Christmas holiday in a tasty way.


Find below a few selected shots from the clip that will help you have a closer look of the LG THERMA V shaped sugar craft cake 🙂

▲ Attaching the fans to the cake body coated with sugar cover


▲ The cake body with both the LG logo and fans firmly attached


▲ Final look of the LG THERMA V shaped sugar cake with Christmas ornaments

Stay tuned as we bring more exciting news to you but until then, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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