LG Air Solution Strikes Big at the Korea Energy Show 2018

The Korea Energy Show opened from October 2nd to 5th at the Korea International Exhibition and Convention Center (KINTEX) in Ilsan, South Korea, with LG leading the way demonstrating innovative photovoltaic energy storage and HVAC solutions. The focus of this year’s Korea Energy Show, the largest energy exhibition in Korea, was the conversion to new and renewable energy and smart energy sources in Korea. LG Air Solution also attended the exhibition demonstrating their diverse range of energy efficient HVAC solutions and hosting a group of VIP guests from Spain who were excited to learn more about the HVAC technology from LG. Jin-hee Kang, public relations general manager of Korea Energy Agency, said, “2018 Korea Energy Show is the 38th, making it the longest running comprehensive exhibition of its kind in Korea. With global companies like LG Electronics, the exhibition will continue to evolve and provide a future to the energy industry”.

KINTEX Convention Center in Ilsan, Korea


VIP guests were able to learn about the renewed Multi V 5 and other LG products at the LG booth

One of the highlights of the LG booth was the renewed LG Multi V 5, the newest adaptation of LG’s Multi V VRF solution, which achieved 1st label of the new energy efficiency regulations labeling program of Korea, starting from October 1st. The Multi V Super 5 features improvements such as a 10% increase in air volume, a 3dB(A) reduction in noise emission, a 9% increase in energy efficiency and a 21% reduction in energy consumption compared to the last version of its own. The LG booth also gave visitors the chance to see diverse indoor unit offerings from LG Air Solution including cassette and floor stand indoor units. The Multi V 5 system can also be integrated with a boiler, integrated AI control, and monitoring systems along with photovoltaic energy storage systems.

Guests at the LG booth received a guided tour of all the LG solutions on display


Visitors were given the chance to ask questions and offer ideas about LG products

The VIP guests were given a guided tour and given the chance to learn more about LG Air Solution products. With so many innovative solutions on display at the LG booth, the guests had lots of questions and were able to discover how these solutions can work for them in the Spanish market. “In our systems, we are starting to use solar panels for the future to better the environment using renewable energy sources. In a few years, we will start to use them everywhere”, commented one of the VIP guests after the tour of the booth. By providing a tour of the booth, LG was able to offer detailed information on their products while gaining insight into what matters most to their customers.

The Korea Energy Show is held every year to allow local and international innovators share ideas

The 4-day Korea Energy Show convention provides an opportunity for those involved in the energy field to share ideas and display their innovations to their contemporaries each year. This year was no different and the new and renewable energy centered theme of the exhibition this October brought in a new set of players in the energy industry with new ideas, products, and services. LG also brought new energy efficient HVAC solutions and renewable energy technology to share with the industry and continue leading the way in efficient innovations. The LG booth at the Korea Energy Show left a lasting impression on visitors and Juan Manuel Gonzalez, the Prescription manager from LGE in Spain said, “I am sure that these kinds of devices will be a must in Spain and Europe in the near future, and LG will help to improve life conditions for our people”.

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