How Energy Efficiency Can Help Sell Your Home

When putting a home on the market, sellers must consider what peaks the interest of buyers and making your home more attractive on the market is key to a faster sale. Obvious elements such as curb appeal, contemporary designs and colors all attract buyers, but there are also unseen factors that can make a difference. While recouping investment on certain installments such as a new HVAC system is not easy, energy efficient additions including HVAC systems can make or break a deal.


The Simple Things

When looking at a new house, buyers quickly notice the obvious features from the entryway and flooring to the kitchen and bathroom. Here are just a few things to consider:

Curb Appeal

The appearance of your house from the curb is what many people will remember about your house, so it is important to catch a buyer’s eye when they first arrive. Try looking at your home from across the street to see where there is room for improvement. Accentuating positive features such as a well manicured lawn, and inviting entryway or winding walkway can capture the attention of a potential buyer. Spending time and money on extensive landscaping is not necessary but presenting a clean and tidy appearance is important in attracting people to the house.

The Kitchen

Small upgrades to your kitchen can go a long way. Adding color to the room with a stylish backsplash or installing new tile won’t break the bank, but these additions will create a contemporary and comfortable appeal. Modern appliances can be added as old ones need replacing, but if you’re not taking them with you, modern designs can help a move your property.

The Bathroom

The bathroom can be considered the workhorse of the house and a messy or uncomfortable design will turn people off. New faucets and fixtures can transform a bathroom and even lighting, especially around the mirror, can create an inviting space. The tile, bath and sink should also be clean and offer a sense of tranquility in what is one of the most important rooms in a home.


Efficiency Makes a Home

Buyers want energy efficient options without sacrificing comfort. Many efficiency-related upgrades to a home go unseen, but can be deal breakers for a buyer. Energy efficient appliances that stay with the home will stand out to buyers as an important economical factor when making such a large purchase. Features such as windows with a high efficiency rating can also relieve a few headaches and provide buyers with piece of mind. Properly insulated windows can reduce heating and cooling costs by as much as 12%.

Energy efficient windows save money and attract home buyers

When it comes to larger systems like HVAC in a house, buyers will look elsewhere or ask for a reduction in price if the system is outdated or out of commission. Heating and cooling make up over 40% of annual utility costs and providing new residents with an economical HVAC system may be a huge factor in getting buyers interested in your property. A durable and efficient HVAC system is less about adding value to your home and more about getting buyers interested in your home to begin with.

Installing a new air conditioner can be costly but efficient HVAC systems make all the difference

Selling a house can be a daunting endeavor, but with the right upgrades and attention to detail, you can have buyers falling in love with your property. With the push for green energy across all markets, the real estate market is no different. Energy efficient upgrades may be just what you need before putting your house on the market. Be sure to investigate the best ways to enhance your unique property.

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