From Where the Wind Blows: LG Air Handling Units

On our blog, we discuss many innovative technologies that are revolutionizing the HVAC industry. Inverter compressors, indoor units, outdoor units, chillers, control systems – you name it, we’ve covered it all. But when it comes down to it, it’s all about the air! Getting the air to occupants in a facility is most important, and in large facilities with our Multi V and chiller solutions installed, it’s the air handling units (AHU) that take charge. Let’s find out more about LG AHUs and the important role they play in keeping us comfortable.


An LG AHU on display at an LG chiller plant in South Korea

What is an AHU?

We’re glad you asked. In short, an AHU is an integral part of an HVAC system that circulates and regulates air. AHUs are typically implemented in chiller or boiler systems, but they are also used in standard air conditioning or heat pump systems as well. They house the equipment that moves the air throughout a facility and if you’ve never seen an AHU before, you might not recognize what it is. Often used for ventilating stale air from spaces, they are also able to recycle warm air with a heat recovery mechanism. AHUs not only direct air through a facility but also mix air from outdoors and from return ducts before re-circulation.


AHUs control airflow in HVAC systems


But what goes into an AHU to make it all work? First, we have the outer casing or housing. This essentially looks like a large box that houses all the other components. Inside the housing is a powerful fan or fans that blow the air from the chiller or HVAC condenser in the outside unit to the desired location. The coil is responsible for cooling and dehumidifying the air distributed by the AHU. Humidifiers can also be implemented in AHUs to add humidity to the air in low humidity conditions such as during winter. Filters in AHUs remove contaminants from the air to provide quality air for healthy and safe environments. Finally, we have the mixing box where outdoor and return air are combined for proper humidity and temperature distribution. Temperature and humidity sensors are also implemented for a precise mix of air.

LG AHUs provide advantages to HVAC systems that you won't find with other solutions.


LG 3D Plug fans blow air through the AHU for distribution throughout a building

The LG AHU Difference

LG AHUs provide advantages to HVAC systems that you won’t find with other solutions. Our 3D Plug Fan is an innovative technology that produces up to 13% more wind power than its contemporaries and allows the motor to consume less energy. This technology also sharply decreases noise emission, which makes the overall environment more comfortable as well. Speaking of environments, LG AHUs are also flexible solutions that are compatible in a wide range of installation environments. Of course, LG units work seamlessly with our various chiller and Multi V offerings. However, our AHUs are also compatible with 3rd party chillers as well as other HVAC solutions and fit into any environment without a hitch. Our AHUs allow for easy scalability as well, making it possible to expand or reconfigure systems when needed. So, no matter what type of HVAC solution you have implemented, LG AHUs will have your facility running at the high level of performance you would expect from our HVAC solutions.


LG AHU control systems make our AHUs flexible and compatible with any HVAC system or BMS


As AHUs are tasked with moving the air in a building, control and configuration of these units is important. Our AHUs can be conveniently managed with third-party HMI controllers and building management systems or with our own LG BECON HVAC Manager system. When coupled with these control systems, the AHUs can be controlled and monitored remotely for precision performance and maximum efficiency. They can also be configured for automatic operations that not only make system management more convenient but further improve the overall efficiency of HVAC and energy management systems.


LG AHUs in Action

LG AHUs are hard at work all around the world and in many different building types to ensure that occupants are comfortable and our customers’ needs are met. Let’s look at a few examples of where these units are having an impact:


Hannam Starfield, Korea

Hanam Starfield is a large-scale multiplex shopping theme park that houses a department store, wholesale warehouse, theater, water park and restaurants all under one roof. The 44,000m² facility opened in 2016 and required a comprehensive HVAC system that could service a diverse set of unique spaces. In order to accommodate the specific needs of each space in the complex, LG installed 5 ice energy storage chillers, 4 centrifugal chillers, 3 absorption chillers, geothermal heat pumps, Multi V 5 outdoor units and, of course, LG AHUs for the job.


Lotte Mart Vung Tau, Vietnam

This 30,000m² shopping center in Vietnam required an efficient HVAC solution that could provide fresh healthy air while maintaining an environment that would keep shoppers comfortable. LG delivered a chiller system tailored to the Lotte Mart requirements while performing with a COP of 6.7. The LG AHUs are able to fill the shopping center with the perfect amount of fresh air and effectively cool the space with high ceilings and narrow aisles.


IberEspacio, Spain

IberEspacio is an office and laboratory complex with a total area of 6,770m². The facility presented a unique challenge as it required consistent and effective climate control for both office spaces and laboratories for testing advanced aerospace technology. The LG Multi V IV solution was coupled with a flexible LG AHU system that is able to keep office workers comfortable while simultaneously maintaining perfect climate control for sensitive materials and providing peak energy efficiency.

AHUs can be considered the workhorse of certain HVAC system configurations as they are the muscle that moves the air around a facility, but they do more than just heavy lifting. LG AHUs are the backbone of many of our systems and they can work just as hard in your facility as well, whether you’re using LG equipment or not.

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